Two Men Fall Off a Cliff Playing Pokémon GO

Cliff Pokemon Go

Launched just last week, the new augmented reality mobile game Pokémon Go has captured the attention of consumers like few things in recent memory. It sometimes appears as if literally everyone and their mother is playing it, with the catch 'em all craze seeming to have taken over the pop culture world in record time.

Unfortunately, Pokémon Go has also been at the center of some exceedingly strange and/or upsetting events recently, perhaps the most famous of which is the 19-year-old player who discovered a dead body while hunting for Pokemon near her local river. Some unscrupulous folks have also used Pokémon Go to lure in victims for armed robberies. And now, the game has been the cause of an accident for a pair of unlucky players.

The latest unfortunate circumstance took place in San Diego, California. City authorities say that two men took a tumble down the side of a cliff while playing Pokémon Go, with one ending up about 90 feet down and the other about 50 feet. Both men were rushed to the hospital, but specifics on the injuries they sustained and their current condition are presently unavailable. There is a safety fence -- complete with signs warning of danger -- intended to discourage people from getting near the edge of the cliff, but the two men in question reportedly jumped the fence in order to pursue Pokémon.

Pikachu in Pokemon

With a 25 percent jump in its stock price since Pokémon Go's release, Nintendo has got to be feeling pretty good about its future right now. Still, the company can't be thrilled about all the crazy stories related to playing the game that keep surfacing. Corpses, armed robberies, and falling off cliffs are not exactly positive things to have associated with game, but at least for the current news cycle, they can all be connected to both Nintendo, the game's publisher, Niantic, and the mega-successful app. While no fair person could suggest that the developers behind the game are somehow to blame for these occurrences, the world of public relations isn't always a fair one.

That all said, none of the above occurrences seem to have made a dent in the amount of people playing Pokemon Go, suggesting that Nintendo or Niantic probably won't end up losing any of the mobile market share any time soon. Continued success or not, though, one wonders what will be the next wild story that somehow happens to involve people playing Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go is available now for both iOS and Android devices.

Source: NBC San Diego

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