New Pokemon Games Coming to Switch According to Amazon Leak

Pokemon 3D games

There might be more unannounced Pokémon games coming to the Nintendo Switch. The latest Nintendo console already has several Pokémon games in its future (and present). The release of the Switch's first major Pokémon game in Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee, which will arrive in November. A "core RPG" is also in development for release in 2019. Lastly, and maybe least, there's also a free-to-play spinoff game Pokémon Quest that's currently available on the Switch.

However, if the latest gaming leak from Amazon UK can be believed these three (or four games depending your perspective) are the tip of the iceberg. A more substantial Pokémon game, that's not Let's Go, could be coming to Switch and it's directly from the current mainstay of the famous pocket monster, the Nintendo 3DS.

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Twitter user CrocOclock managed to grab several screenshots of listings on Amazon UK, before they were taken down. There were several Nintendo Switch titles put up, all of which had various nondescript names. Yet two should be of particular interest to Pokémon fans. According to the listing, two Pokémon games are coming in the not-too-distant future for the Nintendo Switch and they appear to be be ports of Nintendo 3Ds games.

While the listing describes both games as Pokémon Switch titles, the Nintendo 3DS is also mentioned. This suggests the games originally come from the 3DS. The listing also claims that both titles were announced at the Nintendo Switch event and that box art will be coming soon. There are no more details but it wouldn't be too outlandish to assume Nintendo is prepping to bring over some Pokémon games on the 3DS to the Nintendo Switch. It's not unprecedented that big time video game releases get spoiled by a retail listing hiccup. 

In addition, Nintendo's handheld/console hybrid has seen several ported games already. True, most of them have been from Nintendo's previous console the Wii U. However, it'd be a very natural step for Nintendo to start bringing 3DS games to the platform too, especially with the popular Pokémon franchise. There was already surprise and a bit outrage when Nintendo released updated versions of Pokemon Sun and Moon with Ultra Sun and Moon late last year and didn't bring the remakes to the Nintendo Switch. This listing could be rectifying that decision.

It's equally important to point out though that the "leak" could be a mistake or even old placeholder for Pokémon Let's Go, even though neither title has a connection to the Nintendo 3Ds. After all, the titles being announced at a Nintendo Switch event is rather suspicious. The only events that Nintendo holds to announce games are its streaming presentations called Nintendo Directs. Nintendo typically has several Directs towards the end of the year. However, one was just held for Super Smash Bros. UltimateIt would be very unusual for Nintendo to host two Directs within the same month and the listing makes it seem like an unannounced Direct is on the immediate horizon.

On the other hand, Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima claimed after E3 2018 that the Nintendo release line-up for 2018 still hasn't been fully announced. Two surprise Pokémon games, even if they're just Nintendo 3DS ports would certainly bolster the Switch's line-up for 2018.

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Source: CrocOclock/Twitter

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