Ryan Reynolds Starred In Detective Pikachu For His Kids

Ryan Reynolds took on the titular role in Detective Pikachu so his kids could finally see one of his movies. Nintendo's first live-action Pokémon movie turned out to be a wildly successful move for the company. Based off of the 2016 video game of the same name, the film followed Tim Goodman (Justice Smith) who heads on a journey to uncover the mystery behind what happened to his father, Harry. Accompanied by his father's Pikachu (voiced by Reynolds), a plucky young journalist named Lucy (Kathryn Newton), and her Psyduck, the crew head out on a journey that leads to the discovery of something major that could endanger all of Ryme City. The film was praised for its stunning CGI work and wholesome story and has prompted many to believe that a sequel is in the cards and maybe even a shared Pokémon universe.

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The initial announcement of the film was one that many weren't expecting, mainly because the title is a spinoff of the Pokémon series, and left plenty of fans nervous as to how it would turn out. Before Detective Pikachu, video game movies didn't have a very solid track record. Reynolds' attachment was also offputting at first, but once people heard him voicing over Pikachu in the movie's first trailer, they were sold. He clearly had a blast promoting the film as well, as he took to "leaking" it online in a hilarious publicity stunt that ended up just being sweet little Pikachu dancing on a loop.

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According to, Reynolds addressed why he took on the role in Detective Pikachu's commentary track where he exclaimed that he, "was excited to do a film that [his] kids would love," adding in that he doesn't, "do a lot of films that are not rated-R," so this role was a major deal for him. Currently, Reynolds has two kids with Blake Lively and another on the way, so it's nice that he wants to create something that his growing family can be a part of.

Detective Pikachu was a film that both kids and adults enjoyed immensely. Many longtime Nintendo fans were grateful for the incredible CGI work that went into creating each and every Pokémon. Not only did the film prove many doubters wrong, but also put other filmmakers adapting video games on the spot. Case in point, Sonic the Hedgehog's trailer failed to meet the newfound bar that Detective Pikachu had set. Currently, that film is in the process of reworking Sonic's design, but fans can only keep their fingers crossed that the end result will work out.

Reynolds' lovable and hilarious take on Pikachu was, obviously, very different from his role as the titular character in Deadpool, but carried the same amount of charisma. He's truly passionate about the work that he puts out there and hopes that everyone else can feel the same amount of love for it that he does. That charismatic energy, combined with the incredible CGI design of the Pokémon, helped make Detective Pikachu such a successful video game adaptation. It's definitely a film that his kids will be able to enjoy as they grow up, and even into adulthood.

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