25 Things You Missed In Pokémon Detective Pikachu

Here are 25 Easter eggs and references you may have missed in Pokémon Detective Pikachu. As one of the world's biggest brands, the fact that it took until 2019 to get a proper live-action Pokémon movie is surprising. The franchise has existed primarily in the video games, anime, and manga over the years, but Warner Bros. and Legendary waited until now to bring the property to the big screen in a new way. With years of material to draw from, the movie used the more recent Detective Pikachu game as the basis for the first live-action film.

Thanks to the advancements in technology and visual effects, Detective Pikachu was able to bring to life a Pokémon world accurately. The electric Pikachu voiced by Ryan Reynolds may be the star, but the film is loaded with other Pokémon. Psyduck and Mewtwo receive some of the more significant roles beyond the titular creature, and even though Detective Pikachu is a closed story, it does include dozens of other Pokémon and references to what came before.

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Thanks to the quick pace of the movie, even the most diehard fans could have a difficult time picking up on all of the Easter eggs and references that Detective Pikachu includes after a single viewing. Newcomers to the franchise are likewise sure to miss out on catching even some of the more obvious ones. In either case, Screen Rant's newest video is here to help. We've collected 25 Easter eggs from the film that anyone could've missed. Learn about them all in the video at the top of this post.

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Amid all of the references to Pokémon lore, such as the name drop of Kanto, Detective Pikachu goes beyond them to include callbacks to other popular films and TV shows. The film's finale consists of a balloon parade that lets purple gas out, which is a not-so-subtle reference to the end of Tim Burton's Batman Returns. The family-friendly adventure also includes a quick nod to the iconic child adventure Home Alone, as the fake Angels with Filthy Souls movie Kevin McCallister watches is shown.

While some of the real world references won't have any lasting effects on this universe, the in-development Detective Pikachu sequel could make use of the actual Pokémon ones the first film includes. Many fans are wondering if a major character like Red could appear in the sequel, while others are waiting to find out whether Ash Ketchum exists in the world already. And even if a sequel doesn't make use of any of the references Detective Pikachu included, future installments will surely feature many new Easter eggs for fans.

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