Detective Pikachu Early Reactions: A Heartfelt Start For The Pokémon Franchise

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The first reactions from Detective Pikachu hype up a heartfelt beginning to the Pokémon franchise for longtime and new fans alike. Pokémon has been one of the most recognizable brands around the world for decades now, and in just a few weeks, the first ever live-action movie will arrive. Warner Bros. staked out a prime summer release date for Detective Pikachu, which features Ryan Reynolds voicing Pikachu, the electric creature who has proven to be adorable in this format.

Overall interest skyrocketed after the launch of the first Detective Pikachu trailer and has since made it one of the most anticipated films of the entire year. The marketing has sold a world stuffed with Pokémon, with the budding friendship between Pikachu and Tim (Justice Smith) serving as the heart as they search for Tim's father. Even with a more revealing second Detective Pikachu trailer than many expected, there has been no shortage of excitement for the movie so far.

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Thankfully, the excitement appears to be well-placed as the first reactions from Detective Pikachu have now surfaced online. Warner Bros. premiered the film in Tokyo recently as part of the beginning of the press tour and those who have seen the film were allowed to share their thoughts online. Full reviews are not yet available, but below is a collection of NON-SPOILER reactions to Detective Pikachu.

One of the constants of the reactions is the heart that Detective Pikachu carries. While the trailers have mostly relied on the fun that comes with these characters, these reactions show that the story and relationships should be emotionally resonating for viewers. Judging by the marketing, this heart could come from Tim and Pikachu's friendship or even the relationships between fellow Pokémon. Beyond the emotional aspects to the film, it also appears to have balanced this with lots of fun and Pokémon cuteness.

With the large fan base the Pokémon brand already has, though, it is reassuring to know based on these reactions that even casual fans will be able to follow what Detective Pikachu is doing. But, it does still sound like true, diehard fans will get more enjoyment out of the film than the rest thanks to all of the different Pokémon that appear and Easter eggs that are included. The good news is, all of these moments do not appear to be overwhelming and rather work as world-building in what is sure to become WB's larger Pokémon franchise. As long as audiences around the globe take to Detective Pikachu as much as these first round of reactions have, then this should not be the last time that this rich universe is visited.

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