10 Pokémon We Wish Had A Cameo In Detective Pikachu

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu is a fan's dream. We would have never imagined that we'd see the pocket monsters we grew up collecting as children in live action on the big screen. Sure, the property is so popular it was bound to happen, but there was something surreal to see it in real life. While there is plenty of fan service, we couldn't help but notice a few notable faces were missing. So, even though we adore the film, we listed ten cameos we wish we saw in Pokémon: Detective PikachuWarning: this list will contain minor spoilers.

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10 Rhydon

Rhydon was the first Pokémon ever designed, and while we think the film's establishing shot was perfect, it would have been a nice touch to see him first. Sure, that scene would have to be reworked a bit, but it would have been a great nod to the franchise, and would probably get fans jittery right from the beginning. If that couldn't work, he should have had a cameo in the underground fighting league. His armored aesthetic, drill-horn, and mean demeanor would have made him fit right in perfectly in a scene that required the most intimidating Pokémon possible.

9 Mudkip

Mudkip was easily the most popular Generation III starter. Not just because he is the best choice of the three — the other two being Treecko and Torchic — but because his adorable face turned him into the random "I herd u liek Mudkips" meme. That reason alone should have given him a spot in the movie, and it could have added to the viral appeal the film garnered.

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Still, his amphibian design would have been really interesting to see in a more realistic setting.

8 Jolteon

Let's face facts, Joleteon is the best Eveelution (OK, that's not an objective statement, but we stand by it), and it's a crime that the one shot of the furry dog-Pokémon evolving resulted in Flarion. That was a safe choice from a design perspective, but it would have been way more interesting to see the jagged edges of Jolteon in its place. Not only that but as a fellow electric type, it would have added a nice touch when our hero Tim Goodman (Justice Smith) finally confronts the movie's antagonist who was holding the Evee before it evolved.

7 Mimikyu

Detective Pikachu would have been the perfect movie to introduce Mimikyu, one of the most sympathetic Pokémon ever made. His back story is so heartbreaking, he'd endear himself to fans and non-fans alike. The smallest ghost type Pokémon is unable to feel sunlight on its skin, and the very sight of it will cause people to get sick, so he has to be hidden underneath a veil. With all of that to deal with, Mimikyu designed his clothing to look like Pikachu in an attempt to make friends.

We're not crying you're crying!

6 Alakazam

Alakazam is one of the coolest Pokémon ever. As the final evolution of Abra, this dual-spooned fu-manchu rocking wizard boasts some crazy speed to match his powerful psychic abilities. We could have witnessed some really interesting special effects with his powers if they managed to squeeze him in.

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Aside from that, the film was really light on psychic Pokémon — with the exception of Mewtwo — and we can't think of a more popular one than him.

5 Hitmonchan

We're not sure how we got a scene involving an underground Pokémon fight-club and Hitmonchan — a creature with literal boxing gloves as part of his body and the word "hit" in his name — didn't make an appearance. He's a great fighter and while Hitmonlee would have been a cool design as well, there's an appeal with Hitmonchan that would make him perfect in the first-ever live action Pokémon movie.

4 Nidoking/Nidoqueen

Nidoking and Nidoqueen epitomize the original concept of Pokémon. They're essentially small kaiju who are extremely powerful and incredibly intimidating. Their designs are fantastic too. Much like Rhydon, they rock an armored, spikey body, and a mean look to boot. We're not exactly sure where these could be placed seeing as these two would require their own scenes, but these are some of the best Pokémon designs that deserve the live-action treatment.

Note: Unlike the other entries, we put both Pokémon in this slaught seeing as the only major difference is gender. They're too similar to separate.

3 Rayquaza

With the Rayquaza poster hanging over Goodman's bed the entire film, we thought it was a foregone conclusion we'd see this Pokémon make a cameo. We feel robbed. Put him in the movie, you cowards!

In reality, we get why he didn't show. He would have stolen Mewtwo's thunder, and the very existence of the poster gives us hope that another movie down the line will give us a visual of this Pokémon. Until then, we will just gaze longingly at our holographic Rayquaza card with a deep sigh.

2 Ho-Oh

When we put this list together, it was difficult to choose between Ho-Oh and Lugia. Making a decision on this one hurt us on a deep level, but we came to this decision for one simple reason — aesthetically, Ho-Oh would be beautiful to see on the big screen. As a massive bird with bright, colorful feathers, Ho-Oh would look amazing in live-action, and considering this movie was a little light on legendaries, this would have been a fantastic cameo to give fans a little extra.

1 Mew

If we have one complaint about how the Pokémon in Detective Pikachu were handled, it's that Mew was left out of the film. The whole plot revolved around the creation and imprisonment of Mewtwo, yet, outside of a few references, the Pokémon who shares his DNA was not included.

The entire film shared a lot of similarities with 1998's Pokémon: The First Movie, which gave fans a look into Mewtwo's origin. The misunderstood lab-creation was treated poorly by humans, giving him a sense of disdain for the race, causing him to lash out. Until Pikachu's love for his master Ash Catchem convinced Mewtwo to change his outlook, the only thing that could hold him back was the legendary Mew.

With all that in mind, it would have been a nice nod to the original Pokémon movie, but without Mew, Mewtwo's entire existence doesn't feel quite right in Detective Pikachu.

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