15 Deadly Pokemon We Never Want To Encounter In The Wild


Some Pokemon are cute little critters, like Pikachu and Jigglypuff. Some of them are endearingly ugly, like Drowzee or Totodile. Some of them, however, are simply not to be messed with, under any circumstances. We're not just talking about having a creepy design or being rare and legendary. We're talking about beasts so feral and deadly that if we encountered any of these terrifying Pokemon, we would just quit our journey on the spot, right then and there. These are the most violent creatures who put word "Monster" back in the term "Pocket Monster."

The Pokemon on this list can eat a trainer whole, brutalize innocents, devastate entire villages on a whim, and otherwise decimate the landscape of the supposedly peaceful world of Pokemon. We could try to gather badges and fight the Elite Four, but the mere sight of these Pokemon is enough to make us pack up, go home, hide under the covers, and cry like little babies -- or maybe open a restaurant.

Here are 15 Deadly Pokemon We Never Want To Encounter In The Wild.

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Charizard flying
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15 Charizard

Charizard flying

Anyone who watches HBO's Game of Thrones is familiar with Drogon, the massive and imposing dragon under Daenerys's command. Charizard isn't quite as large as Drogon, but the effect is similar: this is a monster which can bite a man in half after roasting him alive with its flamethrower breath.

Charmander is cute and cuddly, and Charmeleon looks like a petulent pre-teen, but Charizard is a straight-up beast, untamed and ruthless. Charizard's Pokedex entry states that it accidentally starts forest fires. A single specimen could burn down entire ecosystems during a single temper tantrum, a theme which will be tragically frequent in this list. Based on its appearances in the anime, Charizards are practically impossible to domesticate. After all, it is literally a fire-breathing dragon. The only solace when it comes to this 'Mon is that, in the games, Charizard are impossible to find in the wild. Still, they're out there, and they can kill you without even thinking about it.

14 Rhyhorn

Rhyhorn Pokemon

What if a Rhinoceros were magnitudes more powerful and incapable of being stopped? Even though Rhyhorn evolves into Rhydon and then Rhyperior (as of Gen IV), we're including the base form on this list due to its speed and its potential for indiscriminate killing. According to its Pokedex entry from various games, Rhyhorn is a massive danger to everything in sight; when a Rhyhorn is bothered (by say, an innocent trainer pelting it with pokeballs), it flies into an unstoppable rage, losing all control and charging into objects with the full force of a feral beast. strong enough to destroy absolutely anything.

A perturbed Rhyhorn becomes a nigh-indestructible force of nature which can knock down buildings and bore through solid steel. A puny human would be completely eviscerated, its mangled remains only identifiable through extensive DNA testing. If a Rhyhorn is encountered in the wild, stay away; the life you save may be your own.

13 Haunter

Haunter Pokemon

Haunter combines murderous impulses with overt sexual overtones, all within a disturbing and scary design. Haunter's Pokemon Yellow Pokedex entry states that it will lick targets, draining their life until they die from it. Other games elaborate that it stalks its prey and sneaks up on them from behind before the unsanitary attack commences. Being licked to death by a Haunter is just about the most unsettling way to die that we could ever imagine. Haunter is capable of great stealth, silently floating, stalking its victim and waiting for the right moment to deliver a murderous and non-consensual act of deviant indecency.

If the endearingly cute Lickitung is the personification of the adorable side of a licking fetish, then Haunter is its terrifying counterpart. It hides in dark caves, waiting for an unsuspecting victim to present itself, with no regard as to whether said victim is a Pokemon or a trainer. Haunter will lick you, and you will die alone, grossed-out, and utterly degraded.

12 Wailord

Wailord from Pokemon

Wailmer is an adorable Pokemon, a whale-like ball of fun, perfect for having fun on the beach or cuddling like a pet. Wailord, however, is a whole other story.

Weighing nearly 900 pounds and at roughly 50 feet in length, Wailord is essentially the Pokemon equivalent to a Blue Whale (though only half the size of the real-life mammal), but faster and capable of greater destruction. Wailord's various Pokedex entries state that its prey can be totally knocked out by the shockwave of Wailord jumping out of the water and splashing back down. Whole ships could be capsized by attacks like this.

But even more dangerous to humans is the simple process of evolution. In the games, trainers can stop their 'Mons from evolving, but in the anime, we've seen Pokemon evolve on a whim. Say a child has a Wailmer as their best friend; they hang out every day, playing on the beach and frolicking like any other child would with their Poke-pal. When Wailmer inevitably evolves, it will grow over 40 feet in an instant, probably destroying the house and killing everybody inside.

11 Muk

Muk from Pokemon

The personification of waste, litter, and radioactive toxic waste, Muk is a living referendum on humanity's predilection towards rampant pollution and apparent disdain for Mother Nature. According to Pokemon Crystal, the ground under a Muk's footprints remains toxic for three whole years. Muk literally looks like something out of an old monster movie like The Blob, which was surely its original inspiration.

Just the static presence of a single Muk can kill off all plant life in the immediate vicinity, and their touch is highly poisonous to all living creatures. In the anime, Muk is seen grabbing onto Ash and Professor Oak, seemingly trying to "hug" them. We're 99% certain that Oak, Ash, and everyone they come into contact with will eventually die following a long and arduous battle with literally every type of cancer. Prolonged contact with Muk (and its pre-evolution, Grimer) is a death sentence, and they are to be avoided at any cost.

10 Beedrill

Weedle is a cute little worm with an adorably non-threatening horn; Kakuna immediately looks magnitudes meaner, though, being only in cocoon form, it's pretty much useless in battle. However, once Kakuna evolves, everything changes. Beedrill is a killing machine, plain and simple. It's a giant killer bee, but with multiple stingers, which are located on its hands, as well as its tail-end.

Everyone has a fear of bees. Even if someone says they're not scared, they are; they're just trying to be tough. It's okay to be afraid of bees! They do a lot of great things, like making flowers pretty and just being gorgeous and majestic creatures on their own, but their stings hurt like hell, and that's enough to inspire fear, even in the bravest souls. Wild Beedrill hunt in swarms. Imagine a swarm of giant killer bees, with stingers for hands; that's one hornet's nest we'll gladly cross the road to avoid.

9 Tyrunt

Tyrunt Pokemon

In Jurassic Park, the biggest deadly dinosaur was the T. Rex, obviously. In the sequel, The Lost World, we were introduced to tiny Compsognathus, which are tiny, but no less dangerous. The Pokemon Tyrunt combines the size of the Compy with the jaw-power and ferocity of the T. Rex, and the result is one of the cutest and most deadly creatures ever imagined.

Tyrunt is apparently a very insecure Pokemon, and can be thrown into a frenzy on a whim. Coupled with its tremendously powerful bite, which can rip through a car like it was made of paper, and we have a recipe for disaster. We imagine that many of the world's would-be Pokemon Masters found their adventure cut tragically short when they met up with the wrong end of a peeved Tyrunt. It evolves into Tyrantrum, which would seemingly be more dangerous due to its size and unmatched bite. Still, we feel like we'd be more likely to survive an encounter with that more reasonable and less feral evolved form; Tyrunt is just too unpredictable.

8 Gyarados

Gyarados from Pokemon

Magikarp is a cute, if seemingly useless, Pokemon. However, persistent trainers are rewarded, and Magikarp, whose most useful move is Splash (which literally does nothing), will eventually evolve into Gyarados, a legitimate sea dragon which is capable of destroying cities, sinking full-size cruise liners, and causing excessive amounts of death and destruction on a massive scale.

According to the Pokedex, Gyarados would appear when humans waged war to show them what real violence looked like, that their petty squabbles were nothing compared to the power of a sea monster. Gyarados is over twenty feet long, and has a face which, even with Pokemon's too-cute art style, is still pure nightmare fuel. In the anime, even Misty, the master of water-type Pokemon, has a justified fear of Gyarados. Basically, if a Pokemon trainer is going to to take a boat anywhere, they should keep powerful electric-types at the ready to protect them from a Gyarados attack.

7 Mewtwo

Mew is an adorable little cat-like Pokemon. While it's powerful beyond measure, it's also a benevolent free-spirit who only wants to hang out and have a good time. However, once the scientists on Cinnabar Island got their hands on a Mew's genetic material, a series of experiments with gene-splicing and cloning resulted in the creation of Mewtwo, an unholy abomination and an affront to all that is good and decent in this world.

Mewtwo is one of the most powerful psychic-types in Pokemon history, and makes its home in Cerulean Cave. The player in Red and Blue can visit the cave and capture Mewtwo (usually with the one and only Master Ball in the game), but it's a miracle that young Red didn't get killed. Mewtwo's psychic ability is so powerful, the purple Poke could probably rip a man apart with its mind. Before Red miraculously tamed the seemingly untameable beast, we shudder to think how many young trainers and travelers lost their lives when they came upon Cerulean Cave and stumbled upon the lair of the humanity-hating Mewtwo.

6 Arbok

Arbok Pokemon Eat

There are a handful of Pokemon who lack originality; Effarig is just a giraffe, and Ekans is just a snake. They don't even try to hide it, since their names are just backwards versions of the real-world equivalent. Spell cobra backwards and change the C to a K, Mortal Kombat-style, and you've got an Arbok. It's not a particularly special Pokemon, though it is large enough, scary enough, and deadly enough to make this list.

Arbok is 11 feet of pure terror. It's literally a scary version of the most terrifying snake one can imagine; it can spit poison, it's physically intimidating, and it will choke the life out of its prey while staring it in the eyes. Its vice-like grip is powerful enough to crush steel and bone. We're certain that there's no shortage of young trainers that have been poisoned, killed, and eaten by Arboks in dark caves and deep forests over the years.

5 Primeape

Primeape Pokemon

One of the most violent Pokemon ever is the fighting-type, Mankey. It's evolved form, Primeape, is even worse, a ball of fluff with protruding muscular limbs and a serious attitude problem. There's virtually nothing that doesn't make Primeape want to brawl. It fights when it's happy, and it fights when it's sad. Engaging in fisticuffs with a Primeape is like challenging a gorilla to a boxing match -- it's suicide.

In its myriad Pokedex entries, Primeape is said to become simultaneously more powerful and less intelligent as it fights, fueling its rage even further, and practically incapable of any other emotion or mood other than rage. This is the type of Pokemon a parent would get for their children to try to convince them never to go out and become a Pokemon trainer. This plan would surely backfire, of course, as Primeape would inevitably beat the child to death, and probably the parents, too.

4 Cacturne


Don't go into the desert unless you're absolutely certain of your destination; Cacturne preys on travelers who get lost in the desert. This nocturnal cactus Pokemon hunts tired creatures, be they other Pokemon or even humans.

First of all, Cacturne looks like a cross between a child's plush toy and an evil cucumber, with off-putting googly eyes that seem to be able to glare right into the very soul of a being. Additionally, we simply don't trust any creature that literally has sand for blood. The Pokedex entries stop short of saying exactly how Cacturne traps and attacks its prey, only that it happens when the target is too weak to even walk. Either the writers of the Pokedex don't know, or the truth is so vile and horrific that it's inappropriate for printing in the child-friendly world of Pokemon. Being a cactus, it primarily hunts in an effort to absorb its prey's moisture. Maybe it doesn't even kill them, since dead bodies don't create energy. Maybe Cacturne buries its prey underground, keeping them just barely alive vampire-style so it can sap their energy for days, weeks, or even longer! Truly, the stuff of nightmares.

3 Steelix

Steelix Pokemon

We thought that Onix was an intimidating Pokemon, but just look at the face of a Steelix; that is obviously a monster with no soul. Its body is harder than diamonds, it's over 30 feet long, and its jaws are powerful enough to dig through earth over a half-mile underground. If there are horror movies in the world of Pokemon, they are surely about Steelix hunting miners and spelunkers in deep underground caves. It could eat a person and not even miss a beat. It can grind a human between its teeth like a grape!

Pokemon X and Y introduced Mega Evolutions to the franchise, proving that the only thing scarier than a Steelix is a Mega Steelix, which retains the icy stare of its original form while adding a slasher-movie psycho-smile and a whole heap of bells and whistles which make Steelix a more deadly and efficient killing machine than we ever could have imagined.

2 Tyranitar

The Pokedex doesn't lie, and its description of Tyranitar certainly qualifies this final evolution of the adorable Larvitar as nothing less than a weapon of mass destruction. Half rock-type and half dark-type, Tyranitar can create earthquakes capable of completely destroying the landscape. The Pokedex says that "maps will have to be redrawn afterward," but they make no mention of the devastating impact Tyranitar's earthquakes surely have on local wildlife, to say nothing of the innocent towns and cities which may be wiped out by one of this Pokemon's geologically-devastating attacks.

Furthermore, according to the Pokedex from Gold and Silver, Tyranitar is practically indestructible and doesn't care about any creature but itself, so there's nothing stopping it from destroying cities and killing millions purely on its own whims. Tyranitar is like if Godzilla, in addition to being a nigh-invincible force of nature, was also an inconsiderate jerk.

1 Volcanion

Volcanion from Pokemon

Volcanion, the "Steam Pokemon," is a dual water/fire-type, and the most dangerous Pocket Monster we could ever hope to encounter in the wild. Its steam cannons make those of the mighty Blastoise look like a pair of dinky water pistols. According to its Pokedex entry, Volcanion's cannons are powerful enough to blow away a mountain. In-game stats notwithstanding, we are confident inferring that Volcanion's cannon is possibly the most powerful attack in all of Pokemon. The grand plains in southern Kalos are not natural; they are the result of a Volcanion blast. If one of these beasts were ever to go on a rampage, it could literally destroy entire regions, and maybe even the whole world.

In fact, we bet that the only reason Volcanion hasn't completely wiped out humanity is that it, for all its bluster (and exceptional Defense stat), it has several easily exploitable weaknesses, such as to Electric-type and Ground-type attacks.


Do you agree with our list? What other Pokemon are a menace to society and a danger to everything and everyone around them? Sound off in the comments!

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