Pokémon Reimagines How Ash Met Pikachu With I Choose You! Trailer

Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You will retell the first meeting of Ash and Pikachu -- and now it has a brand new trailer. 20 years ago, the original anime series for Pokémon was released. Between the show and the game, the Pokémon franchise rocketed up in popularity and dominated culture for years. While its success has ebbed a bit in some regards, the anime series is still going strong, while new games and movies arrive regularly. Now, to celebrate the 20-year journey of Ash and Pikachu, Pokémon is going back to the beginning.

This November, Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You will arrive in select theaters and retell the original arc of the series. Focusing especially on the first episode, 'Pokémon -- I Choose You!,' the new film will re-explore Ash and Pikachu going from begrudging allies to best friends. The movie will also put more of a spotlight on the pair's first encounter with the Legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh, who appeared in the distance during the first episode years before appearing in the second installment of the game series. Ho-Oh will be making its presence felt in the retelling, however.

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Pokémon has released the first trailer for I Choose You, revealing a number of the scenes from the first episode of the anime that will be remade. We also see Ho-Oh swoop above Ash and Pikachu, leaving one of its feathers behind.

The cameo by the Legendary Pokémon in the pilot episode was a window into the future of the franchise and also inspired Ash to continue his travels and meet as many Pokémon as possible. As such, it's fitting that Ho-Oh will have a more prominent place in the retelling. Of course, not all of the elements from the original story will be in the new movie.

We learned back in July that Misty and Brock won't be in the movie, but will instead have their roles filled by two new trainers. The Japanese trailer for I Choose You from earlier this year also revealed that non-Generation-I Pokémon will appear in the movie. We also know a new Legendary will emerge, the Fighting/Ghost Pokémon Marshadow. Thanks to the mix of nostalgia and new material, the movie looks to be something every Pokémon fan will want to see.

I Choose You won't be the only Pokémon movie heading to theaters. Last year, word broke that Goosebumps helmer Rob Letterman would be helping craft the first live-action Pokémon film with Detective Pikachu. Aside from the fact that writers Nicole Perlman (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Alex Hirsch (Gravity Falls) will pen the script, not much else is known about the movie at this point. Hopefully, the release of I Choose You will open the doors for more info.

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Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You will arrive in select theaters on November 5, 2017.

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