What Rihanna Would Look Like as Poison Ivy

Pop star and Ocean’s 8 actress Rihanna becomes the botanically inclined Batman supervillain Poison Ivy in new fan art. First introduced in 1966, the villain born Pamela Lillian Isley has over the years become a fixture of Batman’s rogues gallery of baddies. In the comics, Poison Ivy has often teamed with other female villains, most notably Catwoman and Harley Quinn. Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn have gotten so close in the comics they’ve even become a romantic duo.

Movie fans got their first taste of Poison Ivy’s particular brand of badness when she was played by Uma Thurman in the much-maligned 1997 movie Batman & Robin. Maggie Geha and later Peyton List have also brought the character to life for the series Gotham. With Warner Bros. developing the all-female DC movie Birds of Prey, there’s a chance Poison Ivy could return to screens (thus far the character is not confirmed for the movie), and fans have already gotten busy fan-casting the role.

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For his part, fan artist BossLogic thinks Rihanna might make a good Poison Ivy. Rihanna recently posted a picture on Twitter promoting her Savage X Fenty collection, and that was all BossLogic needed to create his art visualizing the pop star and actress as the character. See the image in the space below:

Rihanna As Poison Ivy By BossLogic

Rihanna of course is best-known as a Grammy-winning musical artist, with over 250 million records sold worldwide. Lately, Rihanna has also made a name for herself in the business world, launching her own cosmetics company and fashion lines. And this year Rihanna also became a bona fide movie star thanks to her memorable turn as the ultra-chill marijuana-smoking computer hacker Nine Ball in the hit caper movie Ocean's 8.

Unfortunately for fans of Poison Ivy, it doesn't look like the character will make her way into Birds of Prey. As of now, it appears the movie will instead center on Harley Quinn, Huntress and Black Canary. But of course, with the movie still a long way off, there could be some character additions coming up. If DC does decide to get Poison Ivy involved in the all-female movie, Rihanna would be a solid choice to take on the part. But of course the pop star would have plenty of competition for the role. Deadpool star Morena Baccarin is just one actress who has publicly stated that she would love to take on Poison Ivy.

Even if the character doesn't arrive in Birds of Prey, it seems likely that Poison Ivy will show up in another movie at some point down the road. Perhaps a future Harley Quinn film will explore the two characters' very intimate relationship.

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Source: BossLogic/Twitter, Rihanna/Twitter

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