Point Break Honest Trailer: Keanu Is a Surfer Brah

With Kathryn Bigelow's much-anticipated true-life drama Detroit about to hit theaters, Screen Junkies decided to shift the spotlight to one of her earlier films. So this week's Honest Trailer offering targets Point Break, the 1991 action movie that went on to become a cult classic.

The film was Bigelow's first major studio film after Blue Steel and Near Dark. It was originally to have been directed by Ridley Scott, and had Johnny Depp and Charlie Sheen attached to it at one point. However Bigelow eventually took the reins when Keanu Reeves was in place as the lead character, with Patrick Swayze as his nemesis. The plot was pure action pulp with Reeve's rookie FBI agent Johnny Utah investigating a string of bank robberies being committed by surfers, meaning he had to go undercover to infiltrate that laidback community overseen by Swayze's Bodhi. The film initially had mixed reviews, but went on to make a sizable profit with an $83.5 million gross from a budget of $24 million.

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The Honest Trailer from Screen Junkies [above] takes the usual witty and incisive direction in mocking/praising the quintessential '90s movie. Epic Voice Trailer Guy immediately proclaims it to be the "best movie about bank robbing surfers ever made," before ripping into the action sequences and one-liners. The uncanny similarities between Point Break and the original The Fast and The Furious are gleefully pointed out,  which are quite staggering in hindsight as they even drink the same brand of beer. Trailer Guy also gets caught up in the intense bromance between Utah and Bodhi, and wonders whether Gary Busey's "ranting unhinged performance" was totally improvised and an early "cry for help." He also admonishes Utah for kicking a dog, noting, "John Wick would kill you for that brah!"

But as usual, Screen Junkies gives praise where it's due and highlights Bigelow's accomplished filming of the heist sequences and action set pieces - although Trailer Guy is incensed at the weird amount of haze that seems to be filling every single indoor scene. Nevertheless, the film is rightly given credit for its charismatic cast and the endlessly quotable lines ("I am an F...B...I... Agent!!"), although the premise is undeniably dumb. The constant use of the word "brah" makes for an amusing montage as well. As a final act of defiance, Trailer Guy refuses to acknowledge the existence of the 2015 remake.

It's another typically funny collection of appropriate clips and witty putdowns from the Screen Junkies gang, but it also reminds how Point Break was absolutely a film that caught the zeitgeist at the time, and remains popular today because of its offbeat touch of zen philosophy, well orchestrated action, and cool cast. Bigelow has of course gone on to make critically acclaimed films like The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty, and it makes you wonder how she might approach another lightweight action movie these days.

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Source: Screen Junkies

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