'X-Men Origins: Magneto' Plot Revealed

In August, Screen Rant reported that David Goyer would be writing and directing the upcoming Magneto spinoff film. The movie reportedly would take place before the X-Men trilogy and would center around the origins of none other than our favorite magnetism magician.

Last week, The Geek Files department of the Coventry Telegraph received the official plot synopsis and here are some key parts:

"The original X-Men film began with a prologue that showed the character as a child being led to a concentration camp by Nazis and that is the period in which the Magneto film will take place. This setup will allow a future villain to at least flirt with the designation of protagonist since the character will be seen almost exclusively in his formative years."

It sounds as if Magneto grows up to combat the Nazis and this story would definitely explain how he has come to hate and fear the idea of mutants being discriminated against as he and his family were in concentration camps as a child. The synopsis continues:

"The storyline will heavily involve Professor X, the wheelchair-using X-Men leader. That character was a soldier in the allied force that liberated the concentration camps. The professor meets Magneto after the war and while they bond over the realization that they are alike in their special powers, their differences soon turn them into enemies."

Although digital re-aging was utilized in X-Men: The Last Stand to make Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart appear many years younger, the studio will have to use younger stars to play the two lead roles. My hopes are that the two actors still have a cameo or guest appearance in the film by including flash-forwards so we can see them and their relationship as they are older but before they split, as we saw in the flashback in X3: The Last Stand.

I like the idea but it's far too early to say. Goyer, who wrote a draft of the script earlier this year is busy on other projects for the foreseeable future and Fox is completely focused on X-Men Origins: Wolverine at the moment. Apparently, Fox has no plans going forward for another X-Men or Fantastic Four film but does have interest in a Silver Surfer spinoff. The article explains that if that's the case, they have to have it completed by 2012 because the film rights return to Marvel after that.

If that's true, I'm excited. The more Marvel property under Marvel's control, the better.

What do you think of a Magneto-centric film?

X-Men Origins: Wolverine hits theaters May 1st, 2009 but there is not yet a projected release date for X-Men Origins: Magneto.

Source: The Geek Files

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