Sony Boss Says A Next-Gen PlayStation Console is Necessary

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Sony Corporation CEO Kenichiro Yoshida confirmed earlier today that the company views a next-gen PlayStation console as a necessity moving forward. Yoshida did not confirm whether or not such a device is currently being developed, but did solidify the summer season rumors of a successor to the PlayStation 4 being a possibility.

The PlayStation 4 is currently the best-selling console of its generation, out-stripping the Xbox One by a significant margin. The Nintendo Switch has made waves over the past year and has certainly emerged to become a competitor, but its sales figures will likely never come close to reaching the PlayStation 4, which has been out since 2013. On top of sales success, the PlayStation 4 has been lauded by critics for having an impressive library of console exclusives, something that was thought to be a dying element of the industry only a few years ago.

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In the interview with Yoshida, conducted by The Financial Times, the Sony boss was intentionally vague about the existence of a next-gen PlayStation console already in development. He also managed to avoid committing to whether or not the next-gen PlayStation would be called the PlayStation 5. Yoshida's statement on the future of the PlayStation was brief, but at least confirmed what many expected to be true: "At this point, what I can say is it's necessary to have a next-generation hardware."

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Earlier this summer, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO John Kodera accidentally spawned rumors of a PS5 coming during Sony's Investor Relations Day. While his comments initially seemed to indicate that a next-gen PlayStation would not be coming for at least another three years, it is likely that truth is somewhere in between those interpretations and the vagueness of Yoshida's response now.

At this point, all that it seems safe to say is that there is a next-gen PlayStation console on the way. The recent cancellation of the PlayStation Experience for this year suggests that Sony doesn't have a blockbuster announcement up its sleeve in the near future, so it seems like a safe bet to also suggest that a PlayStation 5 - or whatever the future of the console is called - is not going to be revealed by the end of 2018.

In the meantime, Sony has the PlayStation Classic on the horizon. That mini-console will be available soon and should prove to be another success for the company, provided the rest of its games library is of the same caliber of those games the company already revealed for the PlayStation Classic.

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Source: The Financial Times

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