'There Have Been Discussions' About PS1 Classic Edition

Many gamers have been surprised that Sony hasn't used the success of Nintendo's NES Classic Edition to launch their own retro console, and now Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO John Kodera has weighed in on the matter. Kodera said a PlayStation Classic Edition is something that the company has discussed internally. He didn't confirm or deny that it would happen, but this is certainly a good sign for those that are hoping to see it.

Nintendo kicked off the current retro console craze when they released the NES Classic Edition in 2016. The system, which included over 20 Nintendo titles, quickly became a hot selling item and was the object of scalpers throughout the world. Since then, they've released a SNES variant with a selection of different games, including the previously unreleased Star Fox 2, and rumors are abuzz that they will be doing a N64 Classic Edition sometime in the near future. Considering how successful they've been, it's a trend that certainly isn't going away anytime soon.

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Despite starting his answer by saying that he can't talk about the subject at this time, Kodera wound up discussing it anyhow with Mantan Web [h/t BlackKite]. "Our company is always digging up past assets," revealed the Sony Interactive Entertainment boss. "I think there are various ways to do [a classic console]. There have been discussions happening [within the company] on what kind of ways are there."

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The demand for retro consoles hasn't gone away at all. Nintendo is planning to re-release both the NES and SNES Classic Edition consoles starting this June. These types of releases have proved to do big business, and are largely repackaging of assets and games the company already has. It's a great way for these console makers to take advantage of their long history and use it to make a healthy profit.

Sony jumping into the nostalgia market wouldn't be a surprise, and it makes sense that they're discussing the matter internally. As Kodera said, there are several different ways to approach the issue. Perhaps a PlayStation Classic Edition would be the best way, but they also might attempt to release PlayStation hits as digital downloads on PlayStation 4 as well. It remains to be seen how they'll attempt to capitalize on the memories of gamers, but there's no doubt that it will happen at some point down the line.

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Source: Mantan Web (via BlackKite)

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