Leaked PlayStation Plus Games For October 2018 Include Diablo 3 [Updated]

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Update: This leak was totally wrong - here are the official PS Plus free games for October!

PlayStation Plus’ games for October 2018 have been leaked and they include Diablo III. While PlayStation Plus is primarily a subscription service for gamers to access online features on Sony’s platform(s), one of the added bonuses of PlayStation Plus is monthly “free” games. Every month PlayStation Plus gives subscribers access to at least two games on PlayStation 4. This access is unlimited as long as the PlayStation Plus subscription remains active.

The price and quality of the PlayStation Plus games tends to vary. For September 2018, Sony really went above and beyond for subscribers and allowed access to Destiny 2 and the remastered version of God of War 3 on PlayStation 4. If the new leak is accurate, October might be an even more impressive month.

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The Nerd Mag is reporting that certain PlayStation Plus users have spotted Diablo III: Eternal Collection and Nioh as the two free games for the month on the PS Store. Diablo III: Eternal Collection is a console exclusive edition of the 2013 dungeon crawler. It bundles together the game’s expansion Reaper of Souls as well as the Necromancer pack which adds the Necromancer class as a playable character. Nioh, meanwhile, is a PlayStation 4 exclusive developed by Team Ninja which uses Dark Souls-like gameplay in a samurai setting. (Nioh is not the upcoming Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice or Ghost of Tsushima, despite the similar descriptors.)

The leak is far from confirmed. There’s no verification or confirmation to be had from Sony or any other sources. The official announcement is likely a way off too. PlayStation Plus titles typically aren’t announced until a week, if not a couple days, prior to when the month begins. It’s not unheard of for PlayStation Plus’ (or its rival Xbox’s Games with Gold) games to leak ahead of time.

There’s also a great deal of plausibility to PlayStation Plus' October 2018 games being Diablo III and Nioh. Though PlayStation Plus has given away more smaller titles by independent developers than those from Triple A studios in the past, the tide is shifting towards more mainstream titles. Recent months of PlayStation Plus have seen the release of access to Heavy Rain, Mafia III and XCOM 2. Nioh and Diablo III: Eternal Collection are both at the right age and price point that it would reasonable for them to get the PlayStation Plus treatment. Diablo III in particular is of interest as its developer Blizzard has confirmed they were working on multiple Diablo projects. Diablo III releasing on PlayStation Plus would be the perfect method for the game to reach a new audience before a brand-new entry or spin-off.

The leak still should be treated with some heavy grains of salt. It wouldn't be unheard of for PlayStation Plus games to leak way ahead of their official announcement. It’s equally possible for the leak to be a complete fabrication with no real factual basis. There’s a lot to suggest the leak is legitimate but it’s still only a rumor for now.

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