Free PlayStation Plus Games For December 2018 Announced

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December 2018 brings with it another wave of brand new games being offered for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Despite the fact that the holiday season is upon consumers, and the need to spend money is all around, Sony has organized a few great games to distribute for free during the yuletide season – albeit still lacking when compared to PlayStation Plus' November lineup. PlayStation 4 gamers in particular will be able to download both Soma and OnRush.

Meanwhile, PlayStation 3 owners subscribed to PS Plus will be able to add Steredenn and SteinsGate to their respective collections. Finally, anyone still hanging on to their PlayStation Vita will be able to download Iconoclasts and Papers, Please – the former of which can also be downloaded and enjoyed by gamers on PS4.

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The above mentioned titles will be available from December 4, 2018 to January 1, 2019. After that they will be phased out for January's inevitable batch of freebies. Evidently, gamers will have to then act fast to get these titles sans cost, which holds especially true if they find themselves unwrapping a new Sony gaming console and subscribing to its online service during the holiday break. A brief breakdown of each game can be found below:

December 2018 Free PS Plus Game: Soma

Soma is a sci-fi horror game that will make even the bravest of players sweat. Taking place under the ocean following a horrifying world-ending catastrophe, gamers will quickly learn the challenges of being human. Or, perhaps, maybe players were never actually human to begin with? What follows is some of the best existential narrative around. But since the studio behind Amnesia: The Dark Descent is responsible for Soma, fans probably didn't expect anything less.

December 2018 Free PS Plus Game: OnRush

Said to feature "all-action, gravity-defying" racing, OnRush looks to scratch a very different itch from the other PlayStation 4 freebie this month. The focus here is on team racing too, which means that winning doesn't necessarily mean coming in first. In fact, players are encouraged to destroy other players' vehicles as they see fit. Players can hit a jump, catch some gnarly air while doing a few stunts, and then crush other players if they see fit. With that said, racers can also simply run a rival off the road. That works too.

December 2018's Free PS Plus PlayStation 3 Games

Steredenn Screenshots

The aforementioned Steredenn and SteinsGate are up for grabs on PlayStation 3 this month, each bringing their own unique qualities to the table. Steredenn, for example, is a side-scrolling space shooter that features pixelated ships duking it out in the furthest reaches of the final frontier.

SteinsGate, on the other hand, is a game based on a visual novel based (which then inspired an anime) of the same name. Within the title, some young scientists have discovered how to execute time travel. While the initial premise sounds cool, things begin to drastically change for those involved in the experiment. Presumably, things won't end too well.

December 2018's Free PS Plus PlayStation Vita Games

Papers Please Logo

Last, but not least, are the pair of Vita titles being given to Plus subscribers in the month of December. Iconoclasts (which is also available for free on PS4 as part of the cross-play nature of this game) is a platforming indie title spearheaded by developer Joakim Sandberg. Truthfully, it seems like a great fit for the Vita console.

Papers, Please is a title that doesn't need much of an introduction for followers of the smash-hit indie. It's probably also not anything new for those that saw the short film based on Papers, Please. Still, for anyone unfamiliar with the game, it tasks players with manning an immigration officer's booth as people attempt to enter the fictional country of Arstotzka. It's a solid puzzle game with plenty of award nominations that's well worth checking out.


If that all weren't already enough, PlayStation Plus owners can also download the something called the Warframe: PlayStation Plus Booster Pack III , which acts as free DLC for the free-to-play shooter. It includes 100 Platinum, 100,000 Credits, Quanta (a Corpus laser rifle), Quanta Obsidian Skin, 7-Day Affinity Booster, and a 7-Day Credit Booster – so anyone looking to step up their game should check this out. Gamers should be quick though, as this Warframe content will be taken down on January 15, 2019

Do any of these games seem appealing? Are they decent welcoming gifts for those on the receiving end of a brand new PlayStation 4 console? Which game are you hoping to see made available for free from PlayStation Plus in January?

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