PlayStation Plus Changes Free Games For July After Fans Upset by Lineup

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Sony has reacted to notable fan outcry regarding July's PlayStation Plus offerings, and switched one of the games for a much more palatable option. When Sony announced the lineup of free (with subscription) games for July 2019, few were impressed with the offerings on display. While Horizon Chase Turbo is a fun racing game with local split-screen multiplayer, its appeal is admittedly limited, since it's essentially an enhanced port of a mobile game. Meanwhile, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 simply didn't appeal to most subscribers, since sports games generally don't have a reach that extends beyond established fans.

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Fan disappointment in Sony's choice of subscription games is exacerbated by the recent decision to only include PlayStation 4 games as part of PlayStation Plus; until March, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita games were given out as part of the subscription, meaning subscribers had six games to mull over, so it wasn't that big of a deal if a few of them were duds. Now that the number of games on offer has been reduced to two, Sony faces more backlash when the games don't live up to expectations.

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In an unprecedented move, Sony decided to rejigger the free-with-subscription games for July 2019. While Horizon Chase Turbo remains part of the lineup (as well it should!), Pro Evolution Soccer has been kicked out of bounds, so to speak. In its place is the digital deluxe edition of Detroit: Become Human, which includes one of Quantic Dream's previous titles, the PS4 port of 2010's Heavy Rain. Though Heavy Rain had previously been a PS Plus game back in 2018, it's still a nice bonus for more recent subscribers.

While Detroit: Become Human received mixed reactions regarding its characterization and storytelling, it was heralded as a triumph in motion capture technology and earned praise for its use of flawlessly-implemented branching paths throughout its sweeping narrative. At the very least, most video game players can agree Detroit is a much better choice for PS Plus than Pro Evolution Soccer. Meanwhile, though gamers surely would have preferred Horizon: Zero Dawn to Horizon Chase Turbo, the arcade-style racer remains a decent option for players in search of a no-strings-attached good time.

Perhaps July's lineup of games wouldn't have felt so weak, had it not been for June's exceptional pair of titles. Sonic Mania was heralded as Sonic's greatest adventure since Sonic the Hedgehog 2, while Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is a flawless remaster of two of the PS3-era's most unique FPS/RPG hybrids. Following up these two titans with an admittedly fun mobile racer and a by-the-numbers sports title was bound to raise a few eyebrows.

Whatever the case may be, Sony has certainly earned a degree of good will for their decision regarding Pro Evolution Soccer and Detroit: Become Human. Or, at least, they've managed to deflect the ire they had collected from their initial decision. Sony didn't say why they decided to remove Konami's sports title and replace it with Quantic Dream's latest, but most fans will likely be pleased by the decision. Regardless, Sony now knows they need to put in a little more effort regarding what games they choose for PlayStation Plus.

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