PlayStation Classic Highlights PS4's Lack Of Backward Compatibility

Sony PlayStation Classic

Update: Complete list of PlayStation Classic games revealed!

Sony recently unveiled the new PlayStation Classic; however, some have been quick to point out that this just highlights how PlayStation lacks backward compatibility. Following Nintendo's approach, Sony will be releasing a mini version of their original PlayStation console that first hit store shelves in 1994.

The PlayStation Classic is said to be 45% smaller than the original console and contain 20 classic PlayStation games. The console will also have HDMI compatibility as well as two replica controllers. The mini console will be released this December and cost $99.99 USD or $129.99 CAN. The PlayStation Classic is similar to Nintendo's NES Classic and SNES Classic, only the PlayStation Classic will feature fewer games and have a higher retail price than Nintendo's consoles. While people who grew up with the original PlayStation will no doubt be thrilled with the announcement, some can't help but focus on how Sony still hasn't made more titles backward compatible for the PS4.

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As Forbes has pointed out, the PlayStation Classic just reminds people of something Microsoft has been doing better than Sony. Microsoft has made their Xbox One backward compatible with Xbox and Xbox 360 games, meaning players who own these games can just stick their disc into the new console and play the game. Sony is clearly trying to have a nostalgic appeal with the console, but it doesn't even compare to Microsoft's plan since gamers will have to pay separately for another console just to play a limited number of games. In what is likely a response to Sony's PlayStation Classic, the Xbox UK Twitter page released a Tweet today reminding gamers that they can play more than 500 games on their Xbox One for free.

Microsoft and Sony fans have always seemed to battle over which console is better between the Xbox and PlayStation. Each console has its fair share of pros and cons, but both companies have given players special incentives over the years to try to sway them to their side. Each company releases exclusive games such as Microsoft's Halo and Gears of War series and Sony's UnchartedThe Last of Us, and the recently released Spider-ManIt also isn't uncommon for limited edition Xbox and PlayStation consoles to be available to attract gamers from a specific series, much like Sony did with their limited edition Spider-Man PlayStation 4 Pro.

There are solid reasons for fans to pick either console, but Microsoft adding backward compatibility to the Xbox One was a big deal since it allowed longtime fans to replay some of their favorite games on a newer platform. While it's likely that Sony will turn a profit off of the PlayStation Classic, fans are no doubt wanting them to just make the PS4 backward compatible with older games.

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Source: Forbes, Xbox UK

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