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The PlayStation 5 games that players will get to enjoy once the console finally releases are already being developed, according to a recent report that gathered intelligence based on interviews, job postings, and more. Although the console isn't rumored to be out until sometime between late 2019 and the end of 2020, developers are getting a sizeable head start on some of their next-gen titles.

The PlayStation 5 has been a topic of some debate in the gaming industry of late, particularly because Sony assured everyone that it was still three years away just last summer. Since that statement, though, the rumored release of the next generation Sony console has been slowly inching closer, with some analysts believing that we could see a PlayStation 5 by the end of the next year, well ahead of previously indicated timeframes. A recent touchscreen controller patent filed by Sony has only added fuel to the speculation that the PlayStation 5 is ahead of schedule.

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Given just how many developers appear to be working on PlayStation 5 games, it seems industry analysts are right to be skeptical about the seemingly distant release date of the console. According to a report by PSU, as many as 9 major studios are likely working on PlayStation 5 games at this moment, with some truly heavy hitters on board. Square Enix has apparently re-tasked its in-house Luminous Production Studio to focus on a new AAA title for the PS5, while Activision appears to have Treyarch working on a new Call of Duty for the console. Bandai Namco Entertainment may have tasked Supermassive Games with a AAA game for the next generation as well, according to the LinkedIn profile of a team member at Supermassive.

Of course, there are some developers who have just come out and stated they are working diligently on games that will exist on the next generation of consoles. Bethesda Studios head Todd Howard confirmed that Starfield will be a next-gen title already, while developer Rocksteady Studios, most famous for the Batman: Arkham series, have done little to hide the fact they're also aggressively hiring talent for yet another AAA game on next-generation platforms.

All in all, the list of studios is rounded out by Sony Interactive Entertainment (of course), Defiant Studios, Amazon Game Studios (Silent Hill: Homecoming), and High Impact Games (Ratchet & Clank Size Matters). That's a lot of developers already looking toward the future and while preparation certainly never hurts, it also reads like the PlayStation 5 is coming sooner than the previously targeted date of 2021. Keep in mind, though, that fairly or not, the PlayStation line of consoles has occasionally had a reputation for being difficult to develop for. Although unlikely given the technology these companies have now, there's a chance that studios are working on PlayStation 5 games early to compensate for the fact that development of its next generation games takes a little longer than the PS4 did.

November 16, 2018 Update: The latest PlayStation 5 reports and rumors hint at a 2019 reveal and 2020 release date. Details here.

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Source: PSU

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