PlayStation 5 Dev Kit Photos Confirm Previous Reports

New photos of the PlayStation 5 dev kit finally surface, confirming previous reports about the appearance of the developer version of the console.

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New images of the PlayStation 5 dev kit confirm previous reports of its appearance. Rumors about the PS5 have been floating around for several years now, but it wasn't until recently that Sony began releasing details about the new console. Patents filed by the company also offered hints as to what gamers might expect, but the company remains tight-lipped about many of the PS5's specs and features.

What PlayStation fans do know is that the PS5 will have a solid-state drive that will potentially make game loading screens a thing of the past. Sony has also revealed that the PS5 will use brand new RDNA architecture developed by AMD. Although Sony has lost its exclusivity with game developer Quantic Dream, the company has still promised that it will have an excellent line-up of games from Sony's own studios and other third-party developers. Gamers also know to expect the PS5 in 2020. However, Sony hasn't released any details on the PS5's appearance. There have been various reports of what the system's dev kit looks like, though, and although others have seemingly confirmed those reports, no photos of the PS5 dev kit have been made available.

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That's about to change, though. Tom Warren, senior editor at The Verge, confirmed that photos posted by @TheDrunkCat were actual photos of the PS5 dev kit. And the dev kit looks exactly like what previous reports suggested.

What everyone should keep in mind is that the retail version of the PS5 probably won't look like the dev kit. Dev kits are made for developers, whose needs go well beyond that of a typical gamer. As pointed out in Warren's tweet, these particular units are made to be stackable, with air vents that will keep the unit from overheating from constant use. The dev kit is the workhorse version of the machine, meant to handle a lot of vigorous testing. However, this design could still offer a peek at the general shape of the PS5 retail version.

The PS5's design, though, is the least of Sony's worries. Although players have, more or less, demanded backward compatibility from the new system, the company still refuses to commit to it. Considering that the Xbox One already has this technology, the PS5's lack of it could be a deal-breaker for those thinking about purchasing the new console. Although seeing the dev kit design is exciting, players are concerned more about what the new console will offer. After all, looks aren't everything.

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Source: The Drunk Cat, Tom Warren/Twitter

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