Everything We Know About PlayStation 5's New Controller

PS4 Slim Controller

New details about the PlayStation 5 controller have now officially come to light. Sony recently confirmed its next-generation console would be called the PlayStation 5 and will release during the holiday 2020 season, around the same time as the release of Microsoft's Xbox Scarlett.

Sony has kept a lot of information about the PS5 under wraps. However, a few details have emerged, along with a lot of speculation. A patent filed by Sony suggests the PS5 will have backward compatibility, a feature already available on the Xbox One. Sony has also touted the PlayStation 5's SSD, which could allow the console to load data up to 15 times faster than its predecessor. The company has suggested its next-gen system will make game loading screens a thing of the past. The company also recently boasted about the new console's energy efficiency. However, Sony has not been as forthcoming about the console's controller, at least until now.

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Now, Wired got a chance to get its hands on a PS5 controller for a test run. The "unlabeled matte-black doohickey" is described as something that looks similar to the PS4's Dualshock 4. Although Sony has not confirmed a name for the controller, it will likely be known as the Dualshock 5. There's a small hole in the controller suggesting Sony is planning on following up on a patent it filed for a voice-controlled AI for the system. The PS5 controller also features "adaptive triggers," which will make various in-game tasks have more realistic resistance/drag in certain situations. For example, when swimming, the player will have the kind of resistance felt when in real water.

PlayStation 5 Confirmed

The new controller also features haptic feedback, something Sony almost included with the PS4 Pro. The feedback will give the player a more realistic experience with the controller than the current system of vibration. In addition, the PS5 controller has a larger battery for improved battery life, along with a USB Type-C charging cord that can be used plugged into the controller during gameplay. The controller is a little heavier than the Dualshock 4, but Sony points out that it's still lighter than the current Xbox One controller.

Sony has not yet confirmed the price of the new console, but analysts recently speculated that it, along with Xbox Scarlett, will probably be around $399. That could seem like a high price tag to casual gamers. Still, hardcore players will probably have no problem throwing money in Sony's direction since the PS5 is the most anticipated next-generation console. Now that the PS5 has a confirmed release date, Sony will likely begin releasing more details about the console soon, which will only get PlayStation fans more excited about its upcoming release.

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Source: Wired

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