PlayStation 4 Slim Images Leaked; Official Announcement Soon

PlayStation 4 original design

The games industry is now closing in three years since Microsoft and Sony released their eighth generation video game consoles - the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, respectively - which means the current focus is on the updated versions of these consoles that are expected to hit the market soon. For Xbox, this means the 2TB, 4K compatible Xbox One S and the more mysterious Project Scorpio, touted as "the most powerful console ever." Meanwhile, Sony is set to announce more details about a mid-generation console that's been dubbed the PlayStation Neo.

The PlayStation Neo isn't the only update that dedicated PlayStation gamers should be keeping an eye out for, however, as new evidence indicates that Sony could also be about to announce a slimmed-down version of the PlayStation 4.

A since-removed listing on Gumtree (via Polygon) included photos that are allegedly of a "Slim Line" PlayStation 4 that is not yet in stores. The box states that the console has a 500 GB hard drive, and the image show the top half in particular is much slimmer than the original PS4 model. Other notable differences include the lack of rounded corners, and the fact that the slim model does not have the same double divide design that was a feature of the original (see image above).

PlayStation 4 Slim - Boxed

PlayStation 4 Slim - Unboxed

PlayStation 4 Slim - Underneath

PlayStation 4 Slim - With accessories

While there's always the possibility that this is just an extremely elaborate and well-crafted fake, the emergence of the slim model gels with a report by the Wall Street Journal, which claims that Sony is planning to announce a new standard PS4 model during the company's upcoming press conference on September 7th. The announcement of a slim model makes the most sense, though how this seller managed to get their hands on the model remains a mystery. It could mean that Sony is planning a release for the new console quite soon, and that some distributors may already have gotten their hands on it.

The size difference may not be enough to convince current PS4 owners to throw out their existing console in favor of a slightly slimmer version, but it could prove appealing to those who have been holding off on buying an eighth generation console until the price tags go down. For what it's worth, the slim version of the PS4 was listed by the seller at £295 ($387), which is roughly in line with what a new PS4 currently costs. Whether a slimmer console will ultimately mean a leaner price tag, however, remains to be seen.

We'll keep you updated on the PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation Neo as more information becomes available.

Source: PolygonThe Wall Street Journal

Photo: Richard Leadbetter/Eurogamer

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