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Screenshots of a new first-person shooter created entirely in the upcoming PS4 sandbox game Dreams shows off a startlingly detailed world. Dreams is the next title for Media Molecule, the developer who gave the world the highly creative LittleBigPlanet. In Dreams, players control a being called an "imp" that can interact with the game to create and manipulate items and place them in specific locations.

The imp can also possess custom characters within each level, or dream, that players design. Each dream is separated by a gateway that allows access to other dreams. Throughout the game, players will also solve puzzles with the imp that will give them things that will enable them to continue to alter the worlds they create. Players will also have the ability to share their dreams with other players, as well as cooperate with other players to design dreams and worlds together. Although Media Molecule originally had plans to release a beta for Dreams in 2016, the company ended up delaying the project. However, the beta went live in late 2018, and although beta players agreed to an NDA not to release any footage of their creations at the time, several videos surfaced of things players had created, including a recreated level of Dead Space. One player even recreated the Silent Hills P.T. demo within the game.

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Media Molecule recently lifted the NDA on Dreams, so more player creations have finally begun to surface on the Internet. One player, @DisarmedTweets tweeted some screenshots from a first-person shooter called Project Zero being created with the title. This is a collaboration with another player, @Arguise, who previously designed a game called Prometheus with Dreams.

Media Molecule is no stranger to creating titles that give players the ability to design their own games. One of the best features of the LittleBigPlanet games is the one that allows players to design levels and then share it with other players. Dreams builds upon that concept by basically allowing players to recreate their favorite games or even create games of their own. Judging from creations that players have already posted, the possibilities are endless.

However, Dreams is a PS4 exclusive: original titles like this are why the PS4 continues to outsell the Xbox One. Although the PS4 recently celebrated its fifth anniversary, there's no stopping what the console can do, and Dreams is an excellent example of what it is still capable of.

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Source: @DisarmedTweets

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