PS4's Dreams Finally Releases This Spring - But In Early Access


The PS4-exclusive Dreams will finally launch this spring, although the release is only for early access. Dreams is the brainchild of developer Media Molecule, the creators of the LittleBigPlanet series. In Dreams, players control a creature called an "imp" that allows them to create and manipulate items within the game's space. The imp can also possess characters within each creation.

Dreams allows players to essentially create their own customized games, or levels called "dreams." Players can visit other dreams by traversing gateways that separate each level. Dreams also prompts users to solve puzzles with the imp that will give them access to more items and tools that they can use to customize their worlds. They can also share their dreams with other players and invite others to play within their dreams. Players can even come together to create levels as part of a team. Initially, the beta for Dreams was scheduled for 2016, but Media Molecule delayed the title. The beta did not go live until 2018, but during that time, players got a good taste of what the game was capable of. Footage of player-created dreams began to emerge during and after the beta, including video of an impressive first-person shooter called Project Zero.

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The PlayStation Blog announced that Dreams will finally get its official release in the spring. However, this is still not a full release of the game, but a limited early access version. Media Molecule still wants to address player feedback from the beta, and is seeking the kind of players who are creators and want to help in that process. Although the version launching in the spring won't have the game's final features, it will give those itching to try out Dreams a chance to get in at the ground level during the last part of its development.

Dreams Landscape

During the beta, some players violated the NDA they agreed to by posting videos of some of their creations online. One of these was a recreation of a level of Dead Space, while another recreated the Silent Hills P.T. demo. The creations seen so far only serve to show off an impressive engine that hands over the creative reigns to the player.

Much like Media Molecule's LittleBigPlanet, Dreams is the kind of game that inspires players to become developers and then share what they create with others. From everything seen so far, this is why Dreams is one of ScreenRant's Top 25 Most Anticipated Games of 2019.

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Source: PlayStation Blog

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