PlayStation Reflects Back on 5 Years of PS4

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Yesterday marked the 5-year anniversary of the PlayStation 4, and PlayStation is celebrating by reflecting back on the last five years. When the PS4 became available back in 2013, it had a lot of competition from Microsoft, since they released the Xbox One around the same time. Both were considered massive improvements from the Xbox 360 and the PS3, but some people considered the PS4 the superior console given its sleeker design. Two years ago, Sony released the PS4 Pro, but it looks as if Sony might soon be unveiling the PS5.

Lately, there have been a lot of rumors circling around the PlayStation 5. While early rumors made it seem as if the PS5 was still three years away, new reports indicate that the new console will be announced in 2019, with Sony shooting for a 2020 release date. One big hint that the PS5 is on its way is that Sony isn't bringing PlayStation to E3 in 2019, which marks the first time PlayStation has ever skipped the event. There are also reports that game developers are working on PS5 games, which could explain why Sony has been relatively quiet about new PS4 games, apart from the ones that already have release dates. Sony also recently patented a touchscreen controller as well as a new VR controller, both of which have sparked rumors for the PS5. Now in the latest clue to the PS5 mystery, PlayStation has released a new video celebrating the success of the PS4.

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Posting on their PlayStation Europe YouTube page, PlayStation's 5th-anniversary video starts by saying, "You've had incredible adventures over the past 5 years...". The short video continues on by stating collective stats from some of their most popular games, such as the fact that gamers have raced for 1.7 million hours in the Wipeout Omega Collection, which PlayStation translates to 194 years. The video continues on with other impressive stats, and ends by thanking players for "making PlayStation 4 the best place to play".

While the PS5 still hasn't even been announced, retro gamers can look forward to the upcoming PlayStation Classic; although reviews for the mini PS1 have not been great thus far. Gamers are no doubt thrilled that a new PlayStation console could be in their grasp in a few years, but Sony will no doubt have competition from Microsoft. Microsoft is also hard at work with their next-gen consoles, with the rumors of a console called Xbox Scarlett being rumored for release in 2020. Microsoft also might be releasing a digital-only Xbox One in 2019, but that is also just a rumor as of right now.

With all of the recent rumors flying around the PS5 and the patents Sony has been making on certain types of controllers, it seems like its only a matter of time before the PS5 is finally unveiled. It is possible that PlayStation is truly just celebrating the 5-year anniversary of the PS4 with their latest video, especially since the PS4 recently outsold the PS3. That being said, when looking at all of the rumors and watching the above video, it sure does seem like the end of the PS4 is near.

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Source: PlayStation Europe

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