PlayerUnknown's BATTLEGROUNDS Is Becoming An Xbox Exclusive

PlayerUnknown's BATTLEGROUNDS is one of the most popular games on Steam and has been since it launched in early access in late March, selling over three million copies to date. It's also the most popular shooter on Twitch, another impressive feat for a game that took less than a year to build, and this fall, it's coming to consoles as well. Or at least, one console.

Surprising no one who's been following Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene's interviews and updates on the game over the last few months, PlayerUnknown's BATTLEGROUNDS is launching exclusively on Xbox One late this year with an "enhanced version" coming to Xbox One X sometime later in 2018.

We already knew that developer Bluehole had a team working on a version of PlayerUnknown's BATTLEGROUNDS for Xbox and that it could come to PS4 later, but the way Greene loosely discussed console ports, he made it seem like Xbox was the priority. And given Microsoft's lack of heavy hitter console exclusives in a year when PS4 has major successful first-party hits, the smart move was on Microsoft locking up PUBG for their console.

Interestingly though, Bluehole is going back on one of the things Greene said. The plan was to "finish" the game and get PUBG out of early access before expanding to consoles, addressing the controversy of incomplete games being sold and never completed. There are a lot of performance issues and bugs as it stands on PC and with 3 million copies sold, the resources are there to polish it up. Instead, it will be rushed to Xbox as a part of the Xbox One Game Preview Program. At least monthly updates will add new guns, hopefully to all versions!

Perhaps the "complete" game is the enhanced version coming to Xbox One X next year. As it stands, even gamers using high-end PCs must turn graphics down for performance which begs the question of how the title will perform on the baseline Xbox One/Xbox One S models.

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We reached out to confirm if the map size and 100-player counts will be the same on Xbox but have yet to hear back. From the new trailer revealed during the Xbox E3 2017 media briefing however, it ran silky smooth and included elements not actually found in the game, all at 4K. There are not scenarios with a dozen people in one building for instance, or with five vehicles running together (squad size is maximum four players) so we're curious if there are different modes and such planned for console release.

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Source: Bluehole

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