PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Is Getting Some MAJOR Balance Changes

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds assault rifle

The developers behind PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds are continuing their mission to make the game the best it can be by introducing a major overhaul of its weapons system.

Parachuting from the sky and taking out opponents in a last-man-standing deathmatch on a shrinking map is proving to be just as addictive as it was last year, despite constant competition from other battle royale games like Fortnite. However, listening to the wishes of its fans, PUBG Corp. is constantly striving to change the gaming experience for the better. As the devs introducing a major patch, prepare for things to be a little different on the battlefield.

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They say that all's fair in love and war, so PUBG is here to remind its players just that. According to PUBG Corp. on Steam, a new update is coming to PUBG that will tweak some of the game's biggest draws and weaknesses. According to the post, the main aim is to level the playing field when it comes to the battle royale's weapons.

According to our research, only a few specific types of weapons (ARs) are used in most situations. We believe the choice about which gun to use should be based on personal preference and its effectiveness in any given situation, rather than simply “which gun is strongest.” Our goal is to make it so no one gun will feel objectively better than the others.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds players

This means that no one weapon will be better than the rest, instead, forcing gamers to pick based on their own personal preference or what sticky situation they find themselves in. While some of the more popular ARs will undoubtedly be knocked down a peg or two, it also means that other fan-favorite peashooters will get seriously jacked up in the firepower stakes.

The post reminds PUBG players that this is the first time a balance patch like this has been introduced and that it will be trialed on the test servers before going live. Weapon attachments will undergo similar changes, although the post doesn't reveal exactly how the armory will be affected. Elsewhere, the lauded level three helmets are being confined solely to supply drops. Effectively an extra life to players, the level three helmet was crucial in protecting your head from those sniper shots.

For newbies and seasoned players alike, it will mean that maps are no longer littered with people simply running for the assault rifles and gunning everyone down from a distance, however, does it not rob PUBG of some of the fun? Making everyone equal (or more equal) will at least force gamers to become better at PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds instead of running towards the best weapon and grabbing it as beginner's luck. There is no word on when PUBG Corp. will roll out the patch, but developers promise it will be "very soon."

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Source: Steam

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