PlayerUnknown's BATTLEGROUNDS: New Maps, Gun, 3D Replays, Climbing, and More!

PlayerUnknown's BATTLEGROUNDS is selling like hot cakes and topping the charts of streaming services and Steam. It's now also coming to the Xbox One line of consoles. That's all great, but what's going to make the game better because I can't even jump over a two-foot barrier in the game?

Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene has us covered.

Unveiled during PC Gamer's E3 2017 PC Gaming Show, Greene made another stage appearance (after appearing at yesterday's Xbox Media Briefing) to talk about some of the short and long-term plans for PlayerUnknown's BATTLEGROUNDS, from missing features to very welcome content updates. Before we get into it, the one big addition is 3D replays which will allow players to create amazingly dynamic videos for YouTube or in real-time on streaming platforms. It also allows for analyzing opponents and combat scenarios and the creating of machinima-style content. You can re-live any moment from any angle in slow-motion!

Movement Updates

It's intensely frustrating to be blocked by relatively small in-game objects like fences or barriers. It's one of the most needed fixes PUBG needs and it's coming in the form of climbing and vaulting. If it works smoothly and as intended (i.e. no frequent failed attempts at simple movement) the game should be pulling pages from the Battlefield and Halo franchises were players will be able to clearly vault over fences, the hoods of cars, and yes, even out of a window.

That's more a quality of life fix more than anything else since there's nothing worse than having to shotgun blast an opening in a wooden fence, or worse, run all the way around to get to a building or cover on the other side, but climbing is a game-changer as well. With it, players will easily be able to climb up on in-game objects including cars and larger walls. We're curious how this works in terms of how high players can climb and if it works on any in-game straight edge object. As an example, can players climb onto a taller wall/barrier and from there, climb up onto the roof of a building they wouldn't otherwise normally be able to do? There's lots of potential here for hiding and establishing new sniper positions.

Weather Changes

PlayerUnknown's BATTLEGROUNDS currently has two weather options: normal daylight, and the occasional rain scenario where it's darker and there's a lot of ambient sound that hides player movement. There's more coming.

Today's reveal showcased fog effects which will change the way players play, forcing engagements in close-quarters. There's also a sunset mode wither more dynamic lighting and darker environments.

Those were the two new weather options on display but with two additional game maps in development, each will add new weather options as well including sand storms and snow.

New Weapons

Greene recently explained that the plan for PUBG going forward up until it releases out of "early access" to continue with major monthly updates, with each one including one new weapon. The last tease of the trailer is the reveal of the next gun being added: the OTs-14 Groza.

The Groza uses 7.62 ammo and embraces a bullpup design made for short-to-medium combat. It's a hybrid SMG of sorts with a lot of damage potential and attachment support. It will only be available in supply crates. As for why this weapon next? It's a Spetsnaz weapons that simply "looks cool" says Greene.

Long-Term Plans

PlayerUnknown promises that long-term, BATTLEGROUNDS will support mods, an extremely exciting idea especially given that this game originated as a mode for ARMA 2 which led to the DayZ battle royale mod which led to H1Z1 which led to Greene making his own game with Bluehole that we're discussing today.

The main goal for the developers though is building a stable platform as the anchor, and building from there. Greene's mentioned it over the last few weeks but there are two other large maps in the works, one a desert map with sand storms, the other which features snowfall and a ruined cosmodrome in the center of map. Game Informer has some early sketches on those if you're interested.

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