PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Gets Another Major Update

The next big update for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is finally about to go live after a few minor delays. The monthly update (the 4th so far for the popular MMO shooter) was originally scheduled for two weeks ago but was pushed until this week before getting another one-day delay for some last-minute bug fixes.

As promised, the latest monthly update adds a new weapon (a 7.62mm marksman rifle this time that is only found in crate supply airdrops) alongside many much-needed and welcome quality of life changes. The 4th monthly PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is already life on the test servers and should go wide tomorrow, adding in horns for drivers in vehicles, a reconnect option for disconnected players, first-person only servers for solos and duos, Xbox controller support, new animations, sounds and effects for vehicles, movement, weapon use, and tweaks to consumables, some of the weapons, and much, much more!

The latest update also adds more microtransactions through a key and crate system which as stirred as significant amount of controversy for it coming before the game has left early access, and during a time when the game is a top-seller. The devs claims it's required in order to test.

Below are the official patch notes and details on the newest weapon being added to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Also note that this is the last blog update by Brandan "PlayerUnknown" Greene for a while as he'll be travelling for the next few months. The community team will handle future update/patch posts.

PUBG's New Gear & Character Options

New Items

  • Added new weapon Mk14 EBR (Enhanced Battle Rifle). Mk14 EBR is a Designated Marksman Rifle that can only be obtained from Carepackages. This weapon is chambered for 7.62mm and sniper rifle attachments

The Mk14 is a semi-auto sniper rifle weapon comparable to the game's current SKS, as another crate-only weapon however, the chances of getting it (and other care package items) is becoming increasingly rare. With the previous rifle add-on (the Groza), soon the game will have to cycle some of these weapons into the regular loot table.


  • Added two new face presets and hairstyles to character customization for both genders

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