PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Breaks More Records; Gets Own Company

It has been announced that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, more commonly knows as PUBG, is getting its own company. This comes after news recently broke concerning PUBG breaking sales records. PUBG is very much like The Hunger Games or Japanese film Battle Royale, in which players or teams have to battle it out in a last man standing deathmatch. Players will first parachute out of an airplane onto a desolate location in which players can start searching through buildings and other sites for weapons or any tools that can help them survive, with risk zones known to have better weapons. From that point on, it's a free for all. When one person or team is left alive, they receive the increasingly popular "winner winner chicken dinner" message.

What started off as a simple side project by Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene, went on to break gaming records. PUBG has sold over 10 million copies since its launch in March 2017, earning the title of the best-selling game on any system this year. Recently, PUBG broke the record of most concurrent players, at over one million users. Now, Bluehole Inc has announced that there's a change to its organizational structure with the formation of PUBG Corp, a subsidiary of Bluehole Inc focused entirely on the development and global business opportunities for PUBG.

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Gang-Seok Kim, the CEO of Bluehole, Inc., has appointed Chang Han Kim as the Chief Executive Officer and Woonghee Cho as the Chief Operating Officer for PUBG Corp. Chang Han Kim led the development of PUBG, previously working as Vice President and Executive Producer for Bluehole, Inc. Woonghee Cho, who previously served as the CEO of Maui Games and as Head of Business Development for Neowiz, will focus on accelerating overall business development and managing global operations for PUBG. Chang says:

“Given PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds global success, we want to ensure that we have the operational efficiency that is required to support the game globally. This new structure allows us to be nimble as we look towards the expansion of strategic business opportunities that include the game’s potential in the esports sector and the growth of PUBG as a true global IP franchise."

As part of its international expansion, PUBG Corp. has recently established an office in the United States and is preparing to do the same in Europe and Japan. This expansion will allow for more centralized points of contact for players around the world, ensuring that development for PUBG continues to be global in nature.

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Source: Bluehole Inc

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