PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: Desert Map Gameplay & 1.0 Release Date

Update: Watch the world premiere desert gameplay trailer for PUBG above. The game releases as a preview game on Xbox One on December 12th and PC, releases in full 1.0 on December 20th. Below is original article with details on Miramar's locations and new guns.

The millions upon millions of active players landing, looting and surviving the battle royale action of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds are intimately familiar with Erangel, the game's base map (and currently, only map). Soon however, as PUBG prepares for its console debut exclusively on the Xbox One family of platforms, so to will a brand new map in all-new environment.

This desert map has been teased for months and today its official name was finally revealed: Miramar. Many details of the map and how it'll play different than Erangle are intentionally being held secret so players can experience it and learn live, helping undoubtedly bring it to the top of streaming services like Twitch.

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However, we already know there will be new vehicles and yesterday evening a new weapon was revealed which will be exclusive to Miramar: the Winchester Model 1894. Not to be outdone, PUBG Corp partner Nvidia - who have provided sponsorship and GeForce video cards for several PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds events/tournaments, exclusively debuted another new weapon on their official blog. Details below on the new map, and new weapons.

PUBG Desert Map Miramar Revealed

We are excited beyond words that we can finally share the name of our new desert map and tell you a little bit about some of the places you can visit. When we decided to create a new map, we focused on creating an environment that is very different from Erangel. We wanted to go the opposite direction of having lush fields and forests and arrived at the harsh and unforgiving desert of what we can now reveal is Miramar. The unique terrain and dense urban areas of Miramar will create a new Battle Royale experience where the old strategies may no longer work and new tactics are required. We don't want to tell you too much as you will soon be able to experience it all yourself but we did write a few short descriptions of several of the key landmarks and towns. You can find them below, together with the new screenshots.

Miramar will be playable during the final test round before PUBG hits version 1.0. Head to page 2 to see the map overlay and its towns, along with details on all of its key locations.

PUBG's 2 New Desert Map Guns: R45 & Win94

Currently referred to as the “R45”, the new revolver is a six-shot, desert map replacement for the R1895, chambered for .45 ACP ammo. Unlike the R1895 it replaces, the R45 will not support a suppressor, though you will be able to add a red dot sight to improve your aim. And another differentiation from the R1895 is the use of speed loaders, enabling you to load all six rounds simultaneously, greatly accelerating reload times, putting the R45’s reload speed more in line with other PUBG pistols.

If you wish to try the R45 before PUBG’s official launch, you can do so on the game’s Test Server, which helps the developers stress test and fine-tune new features ahead of their release. When the next major Test Server update launches, sometime after December 7th, the new desert map and the R45 will be included, along with vaulting, other tweaks, and new vehicles. For further info and details, stay tuned to PUBG’s official Twitter account.

And below, the Win94.

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