PlayerUnknown Responds to Battlefield V's Battle Royale Announcement; Blocks Commenters

Battlefield 5 Versus PUBG

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Battlefield V was a major focus of the EA Play event at E3 2018, but its reveals have caught the eye of a rival game's creator. The shooter franchise is one of the jewels in EA's crown, and understandingly the publisher wanted to show off the upcoming title and its return to a Second World War setting. Although much focus remained on the game's standard multiplayer courtesy of a new trailer, developer DICE also revealed that the game is getting a Battle Royale mode.

There had been expectations for some time surrounding a Battlefield V Battle Royale confirmation, given the popularity of the sub-genre at the moment. The success of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite seems to have spurred on various other developers, with companies looking to get in on the potential financial windfall. However, PUBG creator Brendan 'PlayerUnknown' Greene has been quick to comment on those following on the footsteps of his trendsetting game, and Battlefield V has proved to be no exception.

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PlayerUnknown took to Twitter to give a quick response to the Battlefield V Battle Royale announcement, welcoming the "old friend" to the Battle Royale business. Given the vocal history of PlayerUnknown and PUBG Corporation to games that follow the same formula, including a scathing response to Fortnite that has culminated in a lawsuit in Korea against Epic Games, it's perhaps not much of a surprise.

Nonetheless, PlayerUnknown's reaction resulted in some comments of its own. Twitter users took to the site to leave their own responses, with many making reference to PUBG's newfound tendency to sue other game creators. However, it looks as though Greene didn't appreciate the comments, with certain commenters revealing that they had been blocked by the developer.

Although these comments come across as a tongue in cheek reaction to Greene, it does point to a larger issue with PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. The game has seen a major drop-off in its player base, with fans dissatisfied with the title's reliance of loot boxes with ridiculous drop rates. With Fortnite continuing to do well and some major competitors in the pipeline including Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, PUBG does risk being left behind, in part due to the less than positive perception of the game in general.

Whether or not Battlefield V's Battle Royale mode ends up a success, PUBG faces some difficult questions going forward, and blocking non-abusive commenters isn't going to help the game from a PR perspective. Often, games of this type rely heavily on their relationship with fans, and this isn't going to do the title any favors. All in all, it could continue to be a difficult fall for a game that once proudly broke Twitch.

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