'Playback' Red & Green Band Trailers: Serial Killing Goes Viral

Playback (2012) red band trailer

There have been several films released in the 21st century that take the idea of a population addicted to voyeurism to bloody extremes. Just off the top of my head: The Ring, Untraceable and the entire found-footage sub-genre (led by Paranormal Activity) all suggest that our collective obsession with watching is not only a detrimental thing - it's downright dangerous.

Well, that's the sort of thematic fare which will be explored in Playback, a new supernatural thriller starring Christian Slater, and we have the NSFW red-band trailer for the film to share with you today.

Check out the synopsis for Playback, and then the red and green band trailers. Remember, one is NSFW so don't go broadcasting it all over the office:

A cop investigates the case of a missing local teen, though he discovers a dark secret that has been unleashed in his town, and an evil spirit that will stop at nothing to find its heir.



Basically, the movie looks like a mixture of The Ring and My Soul to Take, with a pinch of Untraceable thrown in for good measure. That's not exactly a shining example of cinematic inspiration to be drawing from in the first place, and truth be told, this film looks like it would fare better on Video On Demand (where it is currently available, incidentally) and/or straight to home video release (see also: the upcoming thriller Gone). However, Playback is getting a shot at a theatrical release, so if the trailer grabbed you, mark this one down on your calender.

Playback will be in theaters on March 9, 2012; it is currently available on Video On Demand

Source: Hulu

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