Platinum Developing 'Alien at Large'; Paramount Picks Up 'The Mighty'

Alien at Large comic book movie The Mighty

Despite the plethora of comic book adaptations (primarily, superhero titles) that have hit theaters over the past decade or so, there are still literally thousands of lesser-known graphic novel stories and characters that have yet to make the jump to the big screen.

Two lesser-known series are now being prepped to make that leap: Platinum Studios' Alien at Large and DC Comics' The Mighty. However, unless you're a truly devoted comic book aficionado, chances are good you've never even heard of either title.

Platinum chairman/CEO Scott Mitchell Rosenberg is also one of the producers behind this summer's Cowboys & Aliens comic book flick. Alien at Large is an illustrated sci-fi tale of a more comical nature, and - according to the official press release - revolves around "Earth's first interstellar ambassador, who is not the brightest star in the galaxy." All the same, he ends up playing a pivotal role in staving off an alien invasion of the planet.

Meanwhile, Deadline says that Paramount has picked up the screen rights to The Mighty, a DC title created by Keith Champagne (the Ghostbusters comic book series) and Peter Tomasi (co-writer of the Green Lantern "Brightest Day" story arc, with DC Chief Creative officer Geoff Johns).

The Mighty could be described as a Watchmen-style story, in the sense that it takes place in a "real world" setting where there are a limited number of legitimate superheroes. However, the main character of the series is not the supernaturally-powered Alpha One; rather, it's regular cop Gabriel Cole, a fellow who is stuck battling crime without the aid of superpowers or advanced technology.

Cole in the original Mighty comic book is actually a surprisingly healthy (read: not insane) common man who actually has a life (friends, family, etc.) outside of his work. Considering how mentally tortured the "every-man" characters in other graphic novel series - be it Batman or Rorschach from Watchmen - tend to be, it's a welcome reprieve to have a regular hero in a comic book who doesn't spend a good chunk of their time yearning for an ordinary life that their career makes all but impossible.

Alien at Large, by comparison, kind of reads as being a Men in Black-style comedy-adventure series - with a main character who sounds similar to Inspector Gadget (minus the cybernetic advancements). All the same, a more intentionally goofy and light-hearted comic book movie could also be a good thing, considering how just about every entry in the genre nowadays seems to be going the dark and gritty route - with the now-delayed Governator and the in-development Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens being the colorful exceptions.

We'll keep you posted on the status of both Alien at Large and The Mighty film adaptations as more information is released.

Source: Platinum Studios, Deadline

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