PlanetSide Arena Delayed; Map and Bastion Carrier Revealed

PlanetSide Arena Echoes Of Amerish Map

A new YouTube dev diary shows some new footage of PlanetSide Arena's in-game lobby and engine changes. The world of PlanetSide is about to expand with a brand new title and PlanetSide Arena is positioning itself as a platform for a variety of multiplayer experiences.

Initially launching with a large-scale Battle Royale mode, PlanetSide Arena is expected to evolve as the months and years go by, incorporating classic modes like Capture the Flag, Global Conquest, King of the Hill, and more. For now, though, the focus is on a Battle Royale version of PlanetSide's impossibly epic-scale combat.

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At launch, Planetside Arena will launch with multiple Battle Royale modes, including Massive Clash, a 250 vs 250 mode which can potentially be scaled up to include over one thousand players. A new YouTube video from the team at Daybreak Games shows off some of the changes that are being made to the game compared to PlanetSide 2. Check out the clip below:

Before players properly enter a match, they will spawn on the Bastion ship, an immersive lobby from which character classes and loadouts can be chosen. It's not exactly a game-changer for the genre, but it appears functional and serves as a clever, in-universe segue from the lobby to the actual match, since all players will fly down to the map on one of the Bastion's many drop pods.

PlanetSide Arena is set on Echoes of Amerish, a retooled version of the PlanetSide 2 map which aims to lend itself more readily to Battle Royale gunplay. Much of the layout has been changed, areas have been added, removed, and remixed, and the entire aesthetic has been changed to look more war-torn than the PlanetSide 2 version.

According to the video, many of the changes were made to optimize performance for older systems, so players with more antique machines don't lose their competitive edge to gamers with more modern machines. Best of all, engine changes made to PlanetSide Arena are retroactively implemented into PlanetSide 2. The goal isn't for PlanetSide Arena to replace PlanetSide 2, but to offer a different experience for gamers who adore the series' signature scale and gunplay, but want new modes which wouldn't necessarily feel at home in a traditional PlanetSide package.

PlanetSide Arena Bastion Ship

Last but not least, Daybreak has offered an update as to the game's release date; initially scheduled for late January, PlanetSide Arena has been delayed to March 26, nearly two full months from its original planned date. All things considered, it's not a terribly long wait, and if the delay means a better, more stable experience at launch, then Daybreak Games made the right choice.

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