Planet of The Apes Reboot Is Still Alive

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It would appear that 20th Century Fox’s Planet of The Apes reboot, code-named Caesar, isn’t dead – it has just been evolving.

New York Magazine is reporting that even though writer/director Scott Frank (Minority Report) is off the project, it is far from scrapped. In fact, the publication reports that the film is now moving ahead faster than ever through the development process.

New York Magazine reports that Fox has now hired Street Kings writer Jamie Moss to rework Frank's script, and that the original writers, Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver have also been brought back onto the project to rework the dialogue.

The site gives the following synopsis of the plot:

"The "Caesar" code name also foreshadowed the script's plot: Just as the actual Julius Caesar set Rome on the path to the Roman Empire, the experimental ape's escape sets in motion his fellow hirsute hominids' (wait for it ...) guerrilla war and subsequent dominance."

It also reports that Peter Chernin has now taken over as producer on the film. It states that Chernin left his post at the head of News Corp's Fox film and television arm to become an independent producer  and that part of his leaving deal was that he was allowed to make several “put” projects at the studio. "Put" projects are films that the studio will make, even if they aren’t too fussed on the material. I’d assume that there are certain obligations that he has to meet with regards to either budget or talent.

However, it's believed that Fox are very fussed on Caesar, I'm guessing that they are excited that  the film will re-energize the franchise that was first started in the 1960's.


The studio is apparently very eager to get Caesar back on track and a new director is expected to be hired soon.

So, what about the rumors that the film was dead?

Well, the New York Magazine states that Scott Frank’s departure wasn’t the death of the film; it was just a change in leadership of the project.

It’s quite exciting news. The concept is an interesting way of rebooting a legendary franchise – without having to remake it and it adds something new to the series, which again is usually lacking in Hollywood.

I would hope that the film won’t be too simplistic – remember, Frank was of the opinion that the film stalled because it was too dark and complex. Maybe they’ve found a way around this, and the news that the original writers are back on board would seem to imply that the original concept is secure.

Is all this news accurate?

It would appear to be - and if a director is going to be hired in the near future, then I’d expect that any details on the project will be confirmed or denied soon.

If the project is still in development then I'm man enough to take back some of the lambasting that I gave Fox about their recent film choices. I only take back some of that mind you - and I may return it if the film doesn't cut the mustard!

More on Caesar when we get it.

Source: New York Magazine

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