New 'Planes: Fire & Rescue' Trailer & Images: Aircraft vs. Forest Fires

Dusty in Planes: Fire & Rescue

Shared movie universes aren't just for superheroes anymore, they're also for computer-animated anthropomorphized vehicles. In 2013, DisneyToon Studios released Planes, a 3D cartoon feature that is self-described as taking place in the same world as Disney/Pixar's Cars movies (despite having no characters in common) - some kind of alternate-reality (or is it some bizarre dystopian future?) where there are no humans, only talking vehicles. One is left to wonder how they sustain their numbers.

Anyway, the end credits for Planes wrapped up with a title card that promised the return of protagonist Dusty Crophopper (Dane Cook) in a sequel, titled Planes: Fire & Rescue. Following the premiere of a teaser trailer last year, a full-blown theatrical preview has been released for the second Planes installment, along with new images that showcase a few of the future toys (too easy, I know) characters that will be introduced.

Fire & Rescue picks up with Dusty, who is no longer an underdog competitor but the top-dog in the world of aerial flight. Unfortunately, engine problems force Dusty to move away from the world of international air-racing and try his hand at a new career: fighting wildfires for a living, alongside the most highly-trained and skilled firefighting helicopters and all-terrain vehicles in the world.


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As far as trailers go, the latest for Fire & Rescue is rather uneven; it awkwardly blends an inspirational tone, visuals and musical accompaniment with ill-fitting family-friendly jokes and vehicle puns. Obviously, that won't matter much to those moviegoers whose kids are already excited to see the film - or older non-parent moviegoers who have no interest in seeing this flick to begin with - but still, at least the marketing could be up to scratch.

The confirmed voice cast for Fire & Rescue also includes Julie Bowen (Modern Family) as Lil Dipper, a shiny yellow vehicle and new acquaintance/quasi-love interest for Dusty in the sequel. Offscreen, Planes director Klay Hall was replaced on this film by Roberts Gannaway, a director and/or producer on Disney programs like the Timon & Pumbaa and House of Mouse cartoon series, in addition to the company's direct-to-DVD Lilo & Stitch movie spinoffs.


Planes: Fire & Rescue opens in theaters on July 18th, 2014.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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