25 Fan Art Designs Of Unexpected Pixar Couples

Nothing beats a good love story. Over the years, Disney and Pixar have come to pretty much perfect the art of creating one. Typically it's the Disney princesses who are at the center of most of those love stories. They find their princes, defeat the villains, and live happily ever after.

With Pixar, there are fewer princesses, but just as many love stories.

In 2009, they managed to start and end an incredible love story in the span of an opening montage. Carl and Ellie have been an iconic couple ever since. They've become a fan-favorite Halloween costume, and the source of inspiration for a number of romantic photoshoots.

However, the Pixar fandom is wide, and some fans have their own ideas of who should be together.

Across sites like DeviantArt and Tumblr there are countless reimaginings of classic Pixar characters finding love with unexpected partners. From characters in other Disney movies, to Dreamworks movies, to friends in their own movies, the couplings are drawn with expert detail and clear passion.

This list will countdown the most unexpected pairings one might find on these sites, including some that were actually canon in their respective movies.

However, just because Pixar made it happen, doesn't mean it was what fans were expecting. Whether it's because of vastly different personalities or because of a difference in species, these are couples fans wouldn't immediately jump to in most cases, but might spark some new stories in their heads.

Here are 25 Fan Art of Unexpected Pixar Couples.

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25 Elsa and Frozone

Before she was the Queen of Arendelle, Elsa was always taught to "conceal, don't feel." She feared her powers, and tried as hard as she could to keep them at bay.

In the Pixar world, those with powers were also taught to stay out of the spotlight.

Between the feeling of public exile, and having freezing powers, it's actually pretty easy to imagine Frozone and Elsa developing a relationship.

Most fans and artists tend to picture her with Jack Frost, but AriellaMay illustrated a winter wonderland scene for Frozone and Elsa, and it's entirely adorable.

24 Violet Parr and Wilbur Robinson

A lot of people tend to forget, but Meet the Robinsons is indeed a Disney movie. It came out in 2007, to generally negative critical response.

The movie averages a little over a 60% on most major rating platforms. However, like any movie, it has its niche.

Some envision that it could crossover with Pixar's The Incredibles so Wilbur Robinson and Violet Parr could be together.

It's actually a pretty popular ship across the internet. Particularly on Pinterest, "Willet" is pretty widely loved. Perhaps it's because they're both a bit stubborn and headstrong, or maybe its just their similar jet black hair.

Whatever the reason, the pairing makes a lot of sense.

23 Jessie and Buzz Lightyear

The pairing of Jessie and Buzz in fan art isn't exactly surprising, given that it's actually canon. However, the moment it became canon in itself was unexpected.

Most fans thought that when a cowgirl joined the mix of Andy's toys, she would naturally be paired with Woody the cowboy.

However, the writers opted to keep Woody faithful to Bo Peep and set Buzz up with a lady of his own.

One of the most beloved moments in Toy Story 2 comes when Buzz is suddenly put in Spanish mode, and tries to woo Jessie through dance. Artist Lily-Fox on DeviantArt chose this moment to illustrate, but in this one, Jessie is way more into things.

22 Fear and Disgust

Emotions are complicated. We knew that, but Pixar managed to show it in the most hilarious way when Inside Out was released.

The animators created each core emotion as its own being, perfectly personifying Anger, Fear, Disgust, Joy, and Sadness.

As Riley learned in the movie, some memories are tinged with a combination of emotions.

However, Abie05 imagined a different kind of "emotional combination." In their art, Fear and Disgust are sharing a romantic moment, only to be blocked by Fear's nose.

It's hard to imagine Disgust taking a liking to anyone though, especially Fear.

21 Dory and Hank

When Finding Nemo was released in 2003, fans immediately fell in love with Dory.

Her absentmindedness made her funny, but her determination made her even more lovable. So when the sequel finally came out (15 years later), she was the obvious choice for the movie's focus.

In Finding Dory, we meet Hank, a cranky septopus who begrudgingly helps Dory find her family.

The two form an fittingly odd bond and quickly become a fan-favorite dynamic duo.

One DeviantArt user, known on the site as Aeveternal, took the duo to the next level. Not only does the artwork recreate the fish as humans, but also as an adorable couple.

20 Sally and Mater

When he's first introduced, Lightning McQueen is hard to like, let alone love.

On the contrary, fans immediately loved Mater in Cars. He was adorably loyal, and only wanted the best for his friends. So it's not likely that he'd steal his best friend's girl, but it is funny to imagine, so an artist by the handle of Nevuela did just that.

In the picture, Lightning McQueen is clearly surprised and horrified at the site of Sally kissing Mater. Mater, being as awkward as ever, has his eyes open but clearly doesn't see his friend (or more likely, ex-friend) idling nearby.

It's an odd concept, but could definitely make for a compelling story in Cars 4.

19 Syndrome and Mirage

It's never explicitly said during The Incredibles, but it is implied that Syndrome and Mirage worked together for years.

In the movie, it seems Syndrome was only focused on his mission; he didn't care if Mr. Incredible snapped Mirage in half or not. He tries to cover himself by saying he was just calling the hero's bluff, but Mirage doesn't buy it.

Still, the idea of them being together isn't so crazy. An artist by the name of Sirenfoxx envisioned the softer side of Syndrome, happily receiving a kiss from his assistant.

With all the time they spent together, where they truly believed they were helping the world, the two would've developed a seriously close bond.

18 Woody and Jessie

In DNA2023's version of Woody and Jessie, she's pretty amped up. It seems to be a recreation of the moment in Toy Story 2 where Woody agrees to stay with the other toys so they wouldn't be placed in storage again.

He looks to be in a bit of pain, but not totally having a bad time.

With Toy Story 4 set to focus on Woody and Bo Peep's story, these pieces of fan art give a great perspective on what could've been.

However, unlikely it may be now, Woody and Jessie definitely would have been an apt pairing.

17 Merida and Hiccup

Some crossovers seem so perfect that it feels odd they weren't canon to begin with. For a lot of Pixar fans, that crossover would actually be with Dreamworks.

There's huge section of the internet dedicated to artwork and fanfiction telling the story of Brave's Merida and How To Train Your Dragon's Hiccup.

Given the time period and locations of both movies, this pairing doesn't seem too farfetched in terms of feasibility.

However, compatibility might be a different matter. Merida is headstrong and definitely doesn't need or want a man by her side in Brave. Hiccup is awkward and unassuming; he'd be terrified of someone like her.

In Juliajm15's imagining, they seem to get along famously, though.

16 Carl and Ellie

Okay, Carl and Ellie aren't an unexpected pairing. In fact, in just a five-minute montage, they became Pixar's most beloved couples.

Unfortunately, Pixar ripped our hearts out after those five minutes when they revealed that Ellie passed away, leaving Carl alone in their home.

However, they make it on this list because thanks to Quetzalcoatl2kart's Tumblr, we get to see them in the most unexpected way: in the afterlife.

The artist depicted Carl and Ellie in the style of Pixar's newest movie Coco. They're skeletons now, but they're together and even cuter having been reunited in the afterlife.

15 Remy and Colette

It's hard not to root for an underdog. So when things started working out for Alfredo Linguini, it was heartwarming.

Sure, he was getting help from Remy on his cooking, but he landed Colette on his own – well, mostly.

It was Remy who made Alfredo and Colette's first kiss happen, but Alfredo did the rest of the wooing.

Still, maybe it was Remy who wanted the kiss. That's how ScruffyToto imagines it at least.

In their art, Remy seems to have swooped in at the last second to steal a kiss from Colette. She looks none too pleased to be kissing a rat, but he saw his opportunity and he took it.

14 Sully and Mike

Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan are the best of friends in Monsters Inc. However, as revealed in Monsters University, it wasn't always that way.

The two hated each other when they first met. Sulley was lazy and entitled, while Mike is determined but a bit overeager. It's not until the games that the two become BFFs.

Of course, that friendship could've turned into something more.

Parsleywhack, a DeviantArt user with a penchant for anime-style art, imagined Sulley and Mike finding a romance with each other.

Fitting to his personality, Mike seems a bit hesitant, but Sulley is fiercely confident.

13 Wall-E and M-O

One of Pixar's greatest emotional achievements was getting fans to fall in love with the love story of two robots (who didn't really speak much). When Wall-E and Eve got their happily ever after, it was a powerful moment.

However, they weren't the only two robots in the story.

There was also M-O, who helps clean Wall-E up after being damaged. It was a small act, followed by a handshake, but it was a big help.

So what if those two had gotten together instead? This is how PurpleRage9205 pictured things in their artwork.

In this version, Wall-E and M-O are human, making the relationship a little easier and cuter to imagine.

12 Hector and Ernesto

At one point, Hector and Ernesto weren't just singing partners, they were best friends.

However, taking the life your best friend can put a bit of a damper on the relationship. So, in Coco, the two were understandably bitter enemies by the end of the movie.

Maybe if circumstances were different, though, the two could've stayed partners – both musically and romantically.

YaoiLover113 illustrated what that might look like and, true to his personality, it's Ernesto taking the lead on things.

Hector seems a bit reluctant to receive affection in that particular moment, but the two seem happy together nevertheless.

11 Sadness and Bing Bong

Sadness is a funny, unfortunately relatable character in Inside Out, and there's no denying that she's a lot to handle. It's in her nature to look on the dim side of every situation.

As a result, it'd likely be difficult for her to be optimistic on love. However, that didn't stop Sonicfazbear15 from imagining what it might look like.

Surprisingly enough, Sadness's sweetie is Bing Bong in this scenario. Though Sadness looks a bit confused, Bing Bong appears to be happy.

It would be an interesting dynamic.

10 Woody and Buzz

Woody and Buzz went on quite the journey together. There were moments they hated each other, there were seriously existential moments and eventually, they reached the moment where they became best friends.

Could there have been a moment where their friendship became something more?

Simonxmay imagined it and, realistically, it makes sense. The two went through a lot together – including almost dying in Toy Story 3.

In this depiction, Buzz looks a bit hesitant, while Woody seems to understand what's happening already. It's very true to their personalities in the movie, though Pixar would likely never create this pairing themselves.

9 Marlin and Dory

After journeying across the entire ocean to find Nemo, some might've expected Dory and Marlin to get together as his new mom and dad.

They developed an odd dynamic, but it was fun to watch nevertheless.

Pixar itself didn't choose to pair the fish off romantically, but an artist called Koji did in an adorable colored pencil sketch.

In this version, Dory is planting a kiss on Marlin, who is predictably shocked.

With as much as he helped her through, it's understandable that Dory would develop a serious connection to Marlin.

The two may not have lasted as a couple, but it's an interesting concept to think about.

8 Merida and Rapunzel

Merida and Rapunzel are two princesses who love adventure. They're both headstrong, and both want to create their own destinies rather than follow the rules set by their parents.

If they ever met, odds are pretty good that they'd get along. Merida would be able to teach Rapunzel how to fend for herself, while Rapunzel's hopeful spirit rubbed off on the Scot.

In KikiKinchester's imagination, Merida and Rapunzel get along very well.

This artist recreated the iconic lantern scene from Tangled, only this time it's Merida in the boat with Rapunzel. Hopefully this time she doesn't get left in said boat.

7 Anger and Fear

Of all the emotions, Anger seems the one least likely to find love. His hostility and aggressiveness would be difficult to navigate – particularly for Fear.

He's afraid of everything, even when it's clearly non-threatening. Someone who's openly that mean would shake Fear to his core-- or so we'd think.

In the artwork on skeleslime-phantom's Tumblr, the two seem to work out real well.

Anger still seems to be reluctant, but he hasn't totally burned Fear. Fear, on the other hand, doesn't seem to be fearful at all in this case. He's definitely hesitant, but he's also sure of what he wants to do.

6 Violet and Syndrome

At the end of The Incredibles, Syndrome tries to abduct Jack Jack, hoping to turn him into an evil sidekick.

With any other baby, it might've been an easier task. However, Jack Jack wasn't going anywhere. Still, what if Syndrome had managed to convert one of the Incredibles?

In the internet's mind, he would have gone for Violet, and she wouldn't have minded.

The pairing is another popular one in the fan art and fanfiction realm, with a wide variety of depictions.

In CrumblyGumbly's artwork, Syndrome and Violet are using one of his inventions to take a swingset to the extreme. Violet looks like she's going to be sick, but she's got Syndrome for support.

5 Jessie and Bo Peep

Of all Pixar's movies, fans seem to have the most fun imagining different scenarios for the Toy Story franchise.

In Chameleon9999's LiveJournal, Jessie wouldn't have ended up with Buzz or Woody. Instead, Bo Peep would've won her heart.

The shepherdess has always been the type to make the first move – remember the end of the first Toy Story – and seems to have a thing for cowboys/cowgirls.

In this moment, she's no different.

Bo Peep appears to be using her staff to bring Jessie closer. The cowgirl seems surprised, but not altogether opposed.

4 Alfredo and Colette

Alfredo and Colette are another one of those couples that were indeed canon, but still unexpected.

By all accounts, Colette would've never gone for someone like Alfredo. Without the help of Remy, it's pretty unlikely they would've gotten together in Ratatouille.

That said, they were pretty cute when they were together. Sharkie19, as they're known on DeviantArt, illustrated an especially cute moment between the two, where Colette plants a quick kiss on his cheek as Linguini cooks.

They look a bit older here, but still as smitten as ever.

3 Joy and Sadness

If the whole "opposites attract" theory of relationships is true, then these two would actually be perfect for each other.

Joy and Sadness managed to establish a great friendship during Inside Out, even if it was frustrating at times. At the end of the day, they both wanted what was best for Riley and did what they could to help her.

One artist, by the handle of Vetamina, imagined what it'd be like if Sadness and Joy took their relationship even further.

Joy's protective instincts seem to be on full display in the drawing, as she watches over Sadness and her memory orb.

2 Frozone and Mirage

Frozone's wife did seem a bit sassy, but it's hard to imagine him ever really leaving Honey. In EddieHolly's rendering on DeviantArt, Frozone is keeping a respectable distance between himself and Mirage.

However, it's still an interesting pairing to imagine.

Both Frozone and Mirage are good at staying out of the spotlight while still doing their jobs. They're both pretty smooth talkers and, though it doesn't seem like it at first, both want to help people who aren't supers.

Together, they'd probably be a serious power couple.

However, could we really live without the infamous "Where's my super suit" scene?

1 Woody and Jessie

When Pixar introduced a cowgirl named Jessie in Toy Story 2, pretty much everyone expected that she'd end up with Woody.

After all, they share a profession and both care very deeply for their respective owners. Plus, Bo Peep was mostly absent for most of that sequel.

However, Pixar doesn't really like being predictable, and so they opted to pair Jessie with Buzz. Still, it's hard not to wonder what Jessie and Woody would've been like together.

In Michiruremo's artwork, they are very much in love.

In this rendering they're actually alive, and clearly older than they were as toys.

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