Pixar Returning To Radiator Springs?

The announcement trailer for next year's Wall-E and news of Up and Toy Story 3 not enough to whet your Pixar appetite? Well, following on from claims reportedly made by Paul Newman last month, rumors of a sequel to the 2007 hit Cars are getting stronger.

At the company's current rate of one film per year, this would position Cars 2 as a 2011 release, followed in 2012 by the rumored John Carter of Mars. That's a three year wait between original product, so the question is will it be worth it? Given Cars' relatively lukewarm reception (by Pixar standards), is the decision motivated by merchandising dollars? Has Pixar run out of ideas?

I think not.

As a longtime Pixar fan, Cars was the first film since Toy Story that truly left me wanting more. Something about the world and characters created in that film just oozed sequel potential. Like The Simpsons, the supporting cast was so rich that the story potential was enormous - with or without Lightning McQueen in the starring role. Either way, I have the utmost faith in Pixar when they claim sequels for sequels' sake aren't part of the business plan. They appear to be the one studio (hopefully being followed closely by Marvel Studios) that truly cares about quality product over and above all else. Ironically, this attitude serves them so well that it's hard to believe others don't follow suit.

As for those merchandising dollars, I'd be more than happy to expand my collection of die-cast toys - so accusations of financial motive do little to dampen my spirits.

So, yes, there may be a long wait. But, then again, after toys and bugs... monsters and fish... superheroes, rats and robots... I'd be curious to see what the guys come up with after a few extra years to think up the next big thing. I'm sure it'll be more than worth the wait.

On a personal note... and call me crazy... but I'd like to see Pixar take on Garfield. And do it right.

Source: JV Pixar News

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