Pixar: Every Single Pizza Planet Truck Easter Egg (& Where To Find Them)

You've seen that old yellow Toyota coasting through nearly every Pixar film in the canon. You know the sign of that red and white rocketship. They've been delivering to a galaxy near you since 1993, it's the Pizza Planet truck.

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In almost every Pixar film, a Pizza Planet Truck can be found somewhere amongst the scenery. It should be noted that we will not be counting the Toy Story films save for one honorable mention, those are too easy to spot. Hope you're all hungry for places you can find the Pizza Planet Truck.

11 A Car With Character

Pixar’s Pizza PLanet Truck in Cars

We'll start the list out with an easy one. In the Cars series of films, the Pizza Planet truck can be found in various background situations, usually as a race spectator, not as a truck alone but as an actual character. The Pixar artists made the vehicle a fully anthropomorphic truck, complete with the Pizza Planet Rocket.

On one hand, this makes the easter egg painfully obvious. A yellow truck with a rocket ship on top isn't exactly well hidden. But on the other hand, having the truck blend in with the crowd is a perfect way to hide it in plain sight.

10 Wrecked with Wall-E

We go from one truck hiding in plain sight to one right in the middle of the screen. In Wall-E, as EVE is scanning for signs of life over the desolate wastelands of the planet, we see a familiar wrecked car covered in grime and decay. Could it be after years of faithful service, Pizza Planet closed?

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You could make the argument that there's a Pizza Planet outlet aboard the Axiom, but seeing a skeleton truck with a rusted rocket fixed on its roof is definitely giving us some strange vibes.

9 Witchy Woodcarving

Brave Easter Eggs Pizza Planet Sully Monsters

The peculiar, wood carving witch of Pixar's Brave has a shop that is a veritable buffet of Easter Eggs, but one of her carvings is worth particular notice. No, we're not talking about that carving of Sulley from Monsters Inc. But look at that strange, four-wheeled invention on her table.

There's an entire Pixar theory explaining why an old witch would know what a pizza truck looks like. But that particular carved toy bears a striking resemblance to a certain delivery vehicle. Maybe the witch has snuck out for a slice or two? Only Pixar knows for sure.

8 Viva Pizza Planet

Pizza Planet Truck in Coco

Because Miguel and his clan cannot live on tamales alone, we catch a brief glimpse of the Pizza Planet truck speeding by the Rivera home before Aubuelita slams the shutters closed. It's harder to catch, but it's surely there. It can be seen if one slows down the scene just before Aubuelita shuts the window.

It's an entertaining notion to consider that Pizza Planet is an international chain. After all, who can resist a pepperoni pizza delivered by rocketship? Perhaps Miguel's family can go out for Pizza after celebrating their newfound musical fame?

7 Red Car, Blue Car, Yellow Truck

Pizza Planet truck

Ah, where would the world of Pixar be without the masterpiece that is Up? Probably less emotional, but we digress. The truck can be seen in two places. The first being in a fantasy of Carl's plan to lower Russell down to the street via rope. The second, during the pan out in front of the ice cream shop. Someone must be keeping the driver busy.

6 Monster-Sized Delivery

Pizza Planet not only spans across languages and nations but universes as well. If one pays close attention while attending Monsters University, one might spy a familiar truck making a delivery to one of the campus dorm houses. Because what's a frat party without Pizza, right?

We even see our favorite Oozma Kappa members enjoying some pizza during the film from the ROR shindig. It's quite obvious they craved pizza from across the universe, but perhaps they only had to call the delivery service.

5 Pizza Over Troubled Water

During the scene where Chef Skinner is chasing Remy the rat on the back of his moped, they pass a bridge spanning over the river Seine. What viewers will most likely miss is the inclusion of a familiar vehicle driving over the river. Don't feel too bad though, we missed this one too.

If you look extremely close on the bridge, you can see the bright yellow hue of the Pizza Planet Truck driving with the flow of the Parisian traffic in the background. Perhaps Remy can improve on their recipes?

4 A Place to Park Your Pizza Truck

Pixar Universe Theory Bugs Life Monsters Inc

This is sort of a two for one, but considering it's essentially the same location, we'll let it slide. At a trailer parked somewhere within the vicinity of Ant Island, the Pizza Planet truck can be seen sitting alongside the mobile abode. Could this be the residence of the delivery man?

It's also worth noting that this same trailer and truck can be seen in Monster's Inc. when Randall is shoved into the human world and left at the mercy of the trailer's residence. Let's just hope that the crazy Cajuns didn't bash Randall too bad.

3 Have a Slice in Sydney

Finding Nemo has one of those blink-and-you'll-miss-it brands of cameos, but we're still chalking it up on our list nonetheless. While Gill is elaborating on his pan to escape the dentist's office,  we can see a Pizza Planet truck go rushing past in the traffic by the docks.

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Once again, our favorite pizza joint goes international as well as intergalactic. Pixar seems to have the habit of hiding the truck in the middle of a moving shot, but since it creates a hazard in Gill' plan, it gives it an exciting edge.

2 Pizza Memories

Better days, better pizza, Pizza Planet. After a horrific encounter with a slice of vegan broccoli pizza, we'd be pretty upset too. So it makes sense that floating around in Riley's subconscious, one would find a memory containing the Pizza Planet truck.

We'd consider it a crowning achievement if you could catch this little glimpse of the iconic vehicle. The image is so small and fuzzy you'd have to be an eagle-eyed Pixar buff to catch it.

1 Inked Out Ride

We said we'd only mention one from the Toy Story Franchise, so think of this one as an honorable mention. Counting every single Pizza Planet truck from the series would be kinda like cheating, considering the series invented it. This sighting, however, gets special recognition.

Though we applaud Pixar for changing their game a little, we ask ourselves "why on earth does this guy have a Pizza Planet truck tattoo?" We know some dedicated fans, but this is a bit out there for a pizza chain.

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