Pixar's 'Newt' Canceled?

Pixar Newt canceled?

You may not be as familiar with a planned Pixar project called Newt (or "newt" as it appear in the logo above) as much as the upcoming Monster's Inc. 2 and Brave (previously entitled The Bear and the Bow). We haven't covered Newt here at Screen Rant but we thought you'd want to be in the loop about the film's status.

According to The Pixar Blog, Pixar's Newt has been canceled. There's not much to go on and there's not been an official announcement made by the studio confirming this news.

What we do have is a quick note from Walt Disney Company archivist Dave Smith. Mike over at The Pixar Blog e-mailed Smith (slyly from his personal e-mail not the website's :P ) to ask why Newt had been removed from encyclopedia Disney A to Z. He received an unsigned one-line reply - "The film has been cancelled."

To bring you up-to-date on Newt's status, here's a quick rundown (special thanks to The Pixar Blog):

The film was first announced in 2008 at the Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios 2008 Animation Presentation in New York. At that time, the film was scheduled for a prime summer 2011 release and the team was already in place, including director Gary Rydstrom (writer, director and sound designer on the Pixar short film Lifted), and producer by Richard Hollander (who produced the short film Presto).

Over time various different items were released for Newt, including leaked concept art (see below) and a detailed report on the story over at Ain't It Cool News.

Pixar Newt leaked image

However, there's been rumblings for months now that all is not well with Newt. At first the film had a summer 2011 release date, but then Pixar announced Cars 2 for that release period (it was originally to be released in summer 2012), presumably delaying Newt till the following year. There was also a comment online from animation industry insider Floyd Norman saying that "Newt is dead."

Then Pixar announced another sequel to one of its many hits, Monsters Inc. 2, due to hit theaters in November 2011, with Brave being pushed to 2012. I seriously doubt that Pixar would release two of its movies around the same time, and the fact that there was no new date announced for Newt just pointed to more trouble.

And now we have this news that apparently Newt has been shelved by the studio. I can't say I was looking forward to it more than Monsters Inc. 2, or particularly Toy Story 3, but a new film from Pixar is always a good thing and it's certainly unfortunate that the film appears to have been canceled.

Again, treat this as a RUMOR until we get some sort of confirmation from Pixar itself, but for the sake of discussion, lets just assume that Newt is off the slate (at least for now). What are your thoughts on this news? Are you sad that Newt is no more?

Source: The Pixar Blog (via Collider)

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