15 Savage Pixar Memes That Will Completely Ruin Your Childhood

The studio that brought us Up, Toy StoryWall-E, and, less effectively, the last two Cars movies, hasn't been around nearly as long as its parent company, Disney.

However, it's had the advantage of growing up with the internet like the rest of us, so we have no shortage of Pixar memes. Most of them are fun, but sometimes the digital community's efforts to entertain itself get pretty grim. This is, of course, what the internet excels at.

Some fans devise darker, alternate takes about what's "really" going on in these ostensibly cheerful, family-friendly films. Others point out Easter eggs and scene elements that show how Pixar has snuck in less kid-safe ideas among all the shiny, computer generated innocence on display. Also, sometimes people just make gross jokes because that's at least half of what cyber citizens do.

These are some of the funniest, silliest, and gross/sad/wrong Pixar memes we've found from our travels across the internet.

Considering some of these movies are still pretty recent, they may not actually ruin your own childhood, but if you're the worst kind of person, you can show them to some kids and become part of why we can't have nice things. And if you have any favorites of your own, be sure to share them in the comments.

With that said, here are the 15 Savage Pixar Memes That Will Completely Ruin Your Childhood.

15 The Good Dinosaur: Meet my insane twin

The Good Dinosaur Revenant Pixar memes

This image raises such a good point that it’s enough to make us ignore the fact that The Good Dinosaur came out a full month before the harrowing survival story that finally earned Leonardo DiCaprio an Oscar.

Both stories injure and strand their protagonists in the wilderness far from civilization and send them on a series of adventures that end with the villains swept down a river to their doom. In fact, most of The Good Dinosaur’s major plot beats involve that river.

It makes sense because that’s where most of the story takes place, but it does get a little old after a while.

While any movie becomes about 50 percent more awesome if you add dinosaurs, we might have enjoyed The Good Dinosaur a little more if it had included at least one savage bear attack like the one in The Revenant.

14 Toy Story: Forget the toys; what's really going on with the people?

Toy Story divorce theory Pixar memes

Of all the Pixar memes we’ve looked at, this hypothesis about the real events of Toy Story is the most convincing. It supposes that in the background, while Andy’s toys are squabbling over who’s the favorite, some actual domestic drama is occurring.

This post cites Andy and his mom moving, the kid’s behavior and perceived emotional state, and the absence of a wedding ring from a single shot as evidence that the family is breaking up, and the toys have no idea.

It makes the events way sadder since it casts Woody, Andy’s favorite, as an avatar into which the sad child pours all of his anxiety about abandonment and fear of replacement.

This interpretation might also mean that the toys aren’t really alive but are just living out an elaborate fantasy Andy’s building to cope. But we don’t get sequels from that, so never mind.

13 Finding Nemo: The other kind of tentacle

Finding Nemo is about cute ocean animals searching for their loved ones, making new friends, and checking out their junk. Oh, you don’t remember that last part? That’s because Pixar cleverly hides the truth in the dialogue, as this image claims.

Pearl is an adorable octopus with a slight “defect”-- one of her tentacles is shorter than the rest, but she hides it by twirling. However, an astute viewer calls invokes marine biology to suggest that something else is going on.

“In octopuses, one of their tentacles is actually their p*nis and is structured slightly differently,” they say.

Obviously the biggest hurdle to this interpretation is that Pearl is only ever referred to as female. However, if we accept the reading, it makes her the most secretly progressive character in Disney history, and shame on the poster for misgendering her.

12 A Bug's Life: Yes, that did sound familiar

A Bug's Life Walking Dead Hopper Negan Pixar memes

When Negan showed up on AMC’s zombie apocalypse drama The Walking Dead (the most popular TV show that nobody seems to like), we couldn’t help feeling like something was familiar about his whole bit.

Negan leads The Saviors, a group that offers safety, belonging, food, and shelter… to its members. Everyone else is out of luck because he pays for that security with “offerings” he collects from neighboring colonies.

That’s how A Bug’s Life’s villainous Hopper operates too. His gang raids Ant Island for grain because even though real grasshoppers only have to climb the nearest stalk of grass to get their dinner, that would make for a way less dramatic movie.

This film is actually a take on both Aesop’s fable “The Grasshopper and the Ant” and classic Japanese film The Seven Samurai. However, thanks to this meme, we’ll just think of Negan the next time we watch it.

11 Wall-E: Hopefully, it doesn't also shoot lasers

Wall-E Eve Pixar memes

It’s not quite accurate to say that science “discovered” Luchihormetica luckae in 2013. That’s just when they named it. It’s possible that this species of giant, glow-in-the-dark cockroaches is already extinct, and the only known specimen is over 70 years old.

Yes, we realize that we kind of skimmed over the part where these are (or were) huge cockroaches that glow in the dark, but we thought we’d throw in the possibility that they don’t exist anymore in case anyone was planning on sleeping again.

The more relevant part for our purposes is that they look almost exactly like the lovable, eponymous robot’s more capable lady friend in WALL-E.

The brown color and glowing “eyes” makes them look maybe a bit more like Star Wars’ Jawas, but we’re talking about Pixar memes here. Star Wars memes are other articles entirely.

10 Finding Dory: The ravages of time affect us all

Finding Dory hairline Pixar memes

Not every item on this list makes the source material worse, unless haunting visions of male pattern baldness plague your sleeping hours, and if they do, we hope you get the help you need.

However, this one’s still interesting because it both points out the cleverness of Pixar’s design team and raises a lot of questions. Did Dory’s dad always have that stripe pattern?

If he did, did the other fish make fun of him for it? Or is it more likely that they didn’t care because they don’t even know what hair is, let alone what a traumatic experience it can be when it starts to go?

We’re guessing that last one is true, and Charlie has spent his entire life not realizing the amazing coincidence living on his head.

9 Ratatouille: Blink and you'll miss it

Ratatouille tiny chef Pixar memes

Ratatouille is the story of a talented rat chef realizing his dreams of making delicious food and opening his own restaurant while letting an unlikeable, goofy idiot take credit for most of the movie.

However, the witless Alfredo Linguini doesn’t get to just coast along on Remy’s accomplishments without some jokes at his expense.

In one scene, Linguini almost admits to actual cook Collette that he has no skills and owes everything he has to a hardworking vermin who controls him like a puppet (somehow) and being a famous chef’s illegitimate son. However, it’s hard telling someone that your abilities stem from a tiny animal pulling on your hair.

I have this… this tiny, little… little…” he begins. She looks down. It happens so quickly you might miss it, but Pixar definitely went there.

8 The Incredibles: Elastigirl's superpower dividends

The Incredibles Elastigirl birth Pixar memes

Beside being the best Fantastic Four movie ever made — which admittedly isn’t saying much — The Incredibles is a pretty fun time that forever changed the way we think about capes on superheroes. If you somehow haven’t seen it, its take is that capes, while cool-looking, will probably just get you killed.

The titular superhero family, the Parrs, consists of parents Bob and Helen and their children Dash, Violet, and Jack-Jack. They all have special abilities, but Helen, who fought crime under the name Elastigirl, is the one we’re most interested in here.

She has the Reed Richards-esque ability to stretch and deform every part of her body. This post points out that this would have made the births of her three children no problem at all. Please don’t make us spell us out.

7 Finding Nemo: We would not watch this movie

Finding Nemo Marlin gender Pixar memes

The marine biology cops return to make us look twice at the main plot of Finding Nemo instead of just a side character.

This time, they’re pointing out what actually happens to clownfish after their mates die, and it doesn’t quite lend itself to a heartwarming animated movie. Although maybe it depends on what warms your heart.

Bad grammar aside, this meme points out the truth-- the widowed Marlin would have become a ladyfish thanks to an evolutionary advantage that lets clownfish continue to reproduce. Of course the only other possible mate would be Nemo, and this one gets super weird really quickly.

We love the idea of Pearl living freely as her best self, but we’re not sure we can swing this one into a positive.

6 Brave: A blatant disregard for canon

Avengers and Brave Pixar memes

Disney owns both Pixar and Marvel, and that level of corporate synergy only fuels fanfiction crossovers and weird speculation.

This meme is more of a silly joke than anything, but we both get and appreciate it. If the Avengers’ Natalia “Black Widow” Romanoff and Clint “Hawkeye” Barton ever gave up their weird, forced romantic subplot with Bruce Banner and, you know, actual family and farm (respectively) to have a kid together, that child would basically be Brave’s Princess Merida.

Her fiery red hair and handiness with a bow would make her fictional parents from the future of another dimension super proud.

This meme is from around 2012, when both brave and the first Avengers released, so we didn’t know about Nat and Clint’s other romantic involvements. However, it still has us hoping for a team-up prequel.

5 Toy Story: This is why your kids' toys don't move on their own

Toy Story dead toys Pixar memes

Some Pixar memes put forth a hidden possibility that is so horrifying that we forget that the evidence of the movies does not support it. This is one of those Pixar memes.

In the Toy Story series, the sentient dolls, action figures, and Potato Heads are immortal if nothing cataclysmic happens to them.

They’ll die in an incinerator, sure, but they’re not going to get old and perish of old age. They don’t even die after Sid rips them to pieces and remixes them in terrifying new configurations. Like the monster in John Carpenter’s The Thing, every part of a toy is apparently a whole.

Still, the idea that your kid’s favorite toy could kick off before any humans even knew they were alive is creepy. The thought of spending the rest of one’s childhood playing pretend with a corpse while its best friends watch helplessly is even worse.

4 Monsters Inc./Toy Story 3: It's true. All of it.

Monsters Inc Toy Story 3 Pixar memes

Our favorite Pixar Easter eggs are the ones that cross over between movies.

The ultimate version of this is the theory that almost unifies the company’s entire body of work and says that the old lady from Brave is actually Monster’s Inc’s Boo, who has grown up and mastered time travel to reunite with Sulley and also, incidentally, given animals and then toys and cars the ability to talk and reason. However, this one’s also fun.

This good-eyed viewer remembered a throwaway scare line from Randal Boggs in Monsters Inc, where he claims that children “skin monsters and make toilet seat covers out of their fur.”

Nine years later, in Toy Story 3, Pixar paid that off with a Sulley-patterned toilet seat cover in a bathroom scene. But we’re sure that’s just a coincidence, and Sulley is fine.

3 Up: Wasn't the movie sad enough?

Up Dead Carl theory Pixar memes

Some people can watch something like the brilliant opening of Up, which details the love and losses Carl and Ellie’s time togther, and say, “You know what? I need this to contain more emotions.” That’s where Pixar memes like this one come from.

It supposes an alternate reading of the entire film in which Carl never moves his house, fights a famous explorer, meets a talking dog, or saves an endangered bird. Instead, he’s just been dead the whole time, and the entire movie is merely a metaphor for his transition to the afterlife.

Russell becomes the hero’s guardian angel in this version and is a child because Carl and Ellie were never able to have kids of their own. Paradise Falls is heaven, obviously, and Dug is… well, Dug is just a good boy. That’s true in both tellings.

2 Finding Nemo: Okay ... ?

Finding Nemo nobody Pixar memes

Nemo’s namesake, the captain of the Nautilus in Jules Verne’s novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, chose his name to reflect his status as a man free of allegiance to government, nation, or even humanity.

This fan theory takes the metaphor literally and turns the cute fish movie into a frightening exercise in existential dread.

This reading posits that Nemo is a figment of his father’s grief-stricken delusions that cause him to swim all over the world to escape the site of his trauma and embrace the nothingness that follows.

It’s super dark and doesn’t hold up when you realize that other characters interact with Nemo. However, wait… what if nobody’s real, and the Marlin-free scenes are just his addled brain fueling its own fantasy?

1 Toy Story: We're sure it's just a coincidence

Toy Story hooker Pixar memes

A lot of the Pixar memes we found like to peel back the cartoon layers to reveal the dark truths hiding inside some of the most beloved films of the last couple decades. This one from Toy Story drops a hard reality on us.

That movie’s antagonist, Sid, has a few hobbies that are not at all creepy or signs that he will be a serial killer someday. They include torturing toys with firecrackers, rockets, and a magnifying glass and chopping them apart to make monstrous new creations from their pieces. This image focuses on one of these mutants in particular.

“Legs” is a toy fishing rod that walks around on limbs Sid repurposed from one of his sister’s dolls. We can’t say for sure that this is what the animators were going for, but we know what Legs looks like, and we can’t resist a solid pun.


Do you know of any other savage Pixar memes? Let us know in the comments!

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