5 Confirmed Pixar Movies In Development (And 10 That Are Rumored)

Despite being part of the Mouse House umbrella, Pixar has done a fantastic job at distancing itself from the perception that Disney animation is all about the princesses. It’s rare to see a princess in a Pixar movie, and the characters and stories are as varied as the people in their audiences.

Perhaps that’s why there is always so much excitement when a new Pixar project is announced -- whether it’s something new or a sequel to an existing property.

Audiences love Pixar’s heartwarming and sometimes tear jerking stories so much that they’re even willing to wait a decade for them.

Incredibles 2 is the next Pixar movie to hit theaters, landing on screens in June, 14 years after the first film debuted.

For years fans speculated about the possibility of a sequel, but it wasn’t until it was officially confirmed that they really got their hopes up. A 14 year gap between movies makes it seem like any of their favorite Pixar properties could still get a second chapter as well.

In fact, because the studio likes to play its cards so close to the vest when it comes to their project development, fans often don’t know what’s coming until artwork or a trailer is released for a sequel.

Pixar only has a few officially confirmed projects on the way, and most of them don’t even have titles, which is why we’ve rounded up the 5 Confirmed Pixar Movies In Development (And 10 That Are Rumored).

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The Incredibles
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15 Rumored: Incredibles 3

The Incredibles

It might have required a few years before Brad Bird was able to devote time to an Incredibles sequel for Pixar, but fans are already clamoring for another one.

The first movie followed a family of superheroes in a world that had nothing to do with Marvel or DC comic book characters, a welcome reprieve for movie lovers who aren’t big into comic books.

Since the first movie, fans have been hoping to see more of the hero Frozone and the technical wizard Edna.

Plenty of fans requested spinoffs for those characters, and they may still get their wish.

While Pixar doesn’t set out to make sequels, the animation studio is always ready to bring a good story to life. Who’s to say fans won’t get a spinoff they desire?

14 Rumored: A Coco Sequel

Pixar recently saw huge creative and commercial success thanks to Coco. The movie centered on a young boy who learned about the importance of family connection through the Mexican Day of the Dead.

Coco marked the first time Pixar had an all Latino voice cast. It became the highest grossing movie in Mexico and popular all over the world.

With a focus on family and Mexican heritage, there would be plenty of ideas for Pixar to mine to tell a new story.

It would likely be a very long time before audiences saw Pixar try to recapture the magic of Coco. When the studio makes sequels, there’s typically a minimum of four years between movies.

Four years is a lot of time for Pixar to develop another compelling tale, though.

13 Confirmed: Toy Story 4

Bo Peep and Woody from Toy Story 2

The fourth chapter in the Toy Story franchise is the only Pixar project in development to have an official release date. Originally planned for a 2017 release, it’s set to hit theaters in June 2019 instead.

Not much is known about the overall plot of the movie outside of it potentially focusing on the relationship between Woody and Little Bo Peep, the latter of whom did not appear in the third movie.

That information was revealed in 2015, though, so much could have changed in the development process since then.

What we do know is that the movie will be a standalone chapter of the franchise instead of following directly from the movie that preceded it. Many of the original voice cast is returning for the project, but there will also be a new character -- a doll named Lulu.

12 Rumored: Brave Sequel

brave pixar movie image

The only “Disney princess” movie here, a Brave sequel is something fans have been wondering about since the movie debuted in 2012.

The original movie went through a name change (The Bow and The Bear) before it landed in theaters. It followed Merida after she accidentally brought a curse to her kingdom and had to use the same skills her mother frowned upon to save her.

TV audiences have since seen a version of Merida pop up in Once Upon A Time on ABC.

However, whispers of a sequel began because writer and director Mark Andrews said he’d be interested in making one.

Andrews revealed that he’d like to revisit the story and incorporate more Scottish actors into the voice work during a visit to Glasgow in 2013. That might seem like an awfully long time ago, but Brave did spend six years in development the first time around.

11 Rumored: A Bug’s Life Sequel

Never doubt the power of fans on twitter to start the rumor mill churning. Earlier this year, the Pixar twitter account shared an image of A Bug’s Life character Dot peering over the edge of a leaf and encouraging followers to “try a new perspective.” That set off something of a tweet storm.

Fans were quick to reply to the original tweet, wanting to know if another installment of the movie was on the way-- more than 15,000 fans, as a matter of fact.

To be fair, a tweet of a still might not be enough to speculate about a film on the way. The twitter account uses stills and clips from all of its movies in pretty regular rotation.

If this rumor turned out to be true, it would be the longest time between sequels Pixar has ever had. A Bug’s Life debuted in theaters 20 years ago.

10 Confirmed: Untitled Brian Fee Movie

Brian Fee has a long history with Pixar, but he made his directorial debut with Cars 3. Testing the waters on that sequel, Pixar now has him developing an original movie for them.

Fee revealed that he’s working on something new when he appeared on Empire’s podcast in 2017.

No details about his project have been released, so there could literally be anything on the way.

If fans want to dig into his past work to speculate about the project, Fee didn’t just direct Cars 3, he also developed the original story for the movie. He also did artwork for the first two Cars movies, Ratatouille, and WALL-E.

With a pretty varied background in animation there, that doesn’t offer a whole lot of clues. All we know is that it’s something original, so not a Cars sequel.

9 Rumored: A Musical

Pixar's Coco - Miguel on Guitar

Unlike Disney’s animation studios, Pixar has created a slew of successful animated movies without the help of a songbook. There are only a handful of musical sequences amongst the studio’s movie legacy. That’s part of the reason why a musical seems like a logical step.

Pixar is all about making each project different from the last. With no musicals in their history, even though Coco features a guitar-playing hero, using music to tell one of their next stories would be a departure for them.

According to Coco director Lee Unkrich, Pixar isn’t opposed to doing a musical.

The studio just needs to find the right story and a director who “has a passion” for it.

That same approach is how Pixar develops most of their projects. A passionate writer or director develops a story with the studio over the course of a few years.

8 Rumored: A Star Wars Movie

Take this particular rumor with a heaping spoonful of salt instead of the usual grain. Of all of the rumors floating around on the internet, this one seems the least likely, even if Pixar and LucasFilm are under the Disney umbrella.

In early 2014, the website Latino Review posted the rumor that they’d heard that Pixar might have a Star Wars movie on their docket.

The post has since vanished, but other websites, like IndieWire, picked it up and ran with it. Latino Review’s track record on rumors and insider information is spotty, so they could have received a bad tip.

On the other hand, Disney XD did begin airing Star Wars: Rebels, an animated series, in 2014. Perhaps someone is just hoping Pixar will get the chance to bring some of those animated characters to the big screen.

7 Confirmed: Untitled Mark Andrews Movie

Mark Andrews in Pixar Art Of Storytelling Lessons

One of the reasons why it might take a rumored Brave sequel longer to get off the ground is because the movie’s original story champion is busy on another project.

Mark Andrews has another movie in the pipeline for Pixar.

The reveal that Andrews was developing an original property for Pixar came during press for The Good Dinosaur. As Pixar executives detailed projects in development, Andrews was said to be “working on one,” though no more information was revealed.

Andrews hasn’t had a big project release since Brave hit theaters in 2012. He has, however, been very busy behind the scenes.

In addition to helping out on other Pixar projects, he’s also one of the instructors in Pixar’s storytelling courses offered online. He’s got a lot on his plate while developing a new movie.

6 Rumored: Monsters Inc. 3


Monsters Inc. already has a successful prequel in Monsters University, but fans still want to know just what happens next with Boo and the monsters that she met.

Following the fifteenth anniversary of the first movie, Pete Docter explained to Entertainment Weekly that a prequel was done instead of a sequel for a reason: they didn’t want the audience to have answers to the first film’s questions just yet.

One of those questions is exactly what fans speculate-- it could be involved in a third Monster movie.

An early concept for a sequel movie involved seeing just what Boo was up to as a teen or adult -- perhaps as someone who forgot the monsters she met as a child. Despite being put aside for Monsters University, fans think it could make for a nice third movie.

5 Rumored: Inside Out 2

Inside Out Pixar movie emotions

Despite Inside Out having such an unusual premise -- focusing on the emotions inside a person’s mind as characters -- it was inspired by a real life event.

Inside Out was born when Pete Docter began wondering just why his daughter seemed to have changed over night. That question not only inspired him to acknowledge the turbulence of growing up for his daughter, but also to focus in on the emotions of a child as she ages.

Set while the main character is 12 years old, fans argue that there’s plenty more emotional upheaval for Riley to go through.

A sequel could highlight the teenage years with the same entertaining sincerity of the original. It’s led many to speculate that Docter might have a sequel on the way in addition to his next Pixar original.

4 Confirmed: Untitled Pete Docter Movie

INSIDE OUT Story Meeting - BTS Pixar Photo - Director Pete Docter

Because Pixar likes to play their cards so close to the vest, many of their projects officially in the works don’t have confirmed titles. One of those is from writer and director Pete Docter.

Docter is known for giving children’s stories something of a heartbreaking twist. Not only did he direct Monsters Inc., Up, and Inside Out, but he also writes for Pixar projects.

He wrote for all of the Pixar projects he directed, and he developed the story for WALL-E, the Toy Story series, and shorts for the studio.

He compared the idea to Inside Out, calling it “new and equally weird” since a Pixar story set primarily in a child’s brain surprised many people, but that’s all we know.

3 Rumored: Another Toy Story Sequel

Toy Story The Works Unfinished

Pixar started developing Toy Story 4 in 2014. Prior to that, the studio believed the trilogy would be the end of the franchise. If writers and directors are still coming up with compelling stories about the toys, there could very well be one more on the way.

Pixar might only have the four movies in the Toy Story franchise, but they’ve already shown that they aren’t afraid to expand beyond that story.

They’ve produced interstitial shorts for the Disney Channel, multiple TV specials, and theatrical shorts. There’s clearly plenty of story for Pixar to mine.

If Pixar chooses to make another Toy Story movie, it likely won’t be any time in the near future. It could be another decade before fans know for sure whether they’ll get a fifth installment or not.

2 Rumored: A Ratatouille Sequel

Ratatouille Patton Oswalt Pixar

What’s more adorable than a rat with a penchant for cooking? Not much, according to Pixar audiences.

Ratatouille centered on an inexperienced chef and the rat that created his recipes for him. The story, despite bumps in the road from a family of rats and a health inspector, had a happy ending with its loose ends tied up in a neat little bow.

It makes sense that there hasn’t been a sequel up to now.

That doesn’t stop internet chatter from ramping up talks of a sequel any time official Pixar social media accounts share stills or quotes from the original movie, though.

Much like the audience of A Bug’s Life, there are plenty of fans who think Pixar is planning more.

If you think it’s been a long time since Ratatouille, remember that over a decade spaced Toy Story 2 and 3, as well as the two Incredibles movies.

1 Confirmed: Untitled Suburban Fantasy

Pixar Dan Scanlon Suburban Fantasy Concept Art

Dan Scanlon, the mind behind Monsters University, is hard at work on an original film for Pixar. The concept was announced at 2017’s D23 Expo.

Though there weren’t a ton of details released, the idea provided plenty of excitement.

Being called a suburban fantasy, the movie combines a small town setting with the adventure of a fantasy world. In it, two teens who lost their father at a young age attempt to find a magical way to spend one last day with him.

Scanlon took inspiration from his own life for the story. He and his older brother lost their own father when they were toddlers.

He explained to the D23 audience that neither of them could even remember their dad, and he first heard his father’s voice in a home movie as a teen himself. It was his quest to learn more about him that inspired Scanlon’s story.


Which upcoming Pixar projects are you most excited for? Or is there a rumored project that didn’t make our list that you want to see brought to life? Let us know in the comments!

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