Pixar’s Best (& Most Surprising) Deleted Scenes

Not every scene or concept originally intended in a Pixar movie make it into the final cut, so here are some of the best, and most surprising, deleted scenes. Pixar changed the animation film industry in 1995 with the release of Toy Story and the new animation style it used. While other studios have tried to mirror the look of their films, Pixar has spent the last two decades creating hit after hit, with only a few exceptions.

They are responsible for beloved franchises like Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., and The Incredibles, as well as standalone hits like Up, Inside Out, and Coco. Thanks to the animation process, Pixar is usually working on these films several years before they are officially announced. The development, pre-production, and production processes can dramatically change what one of these movies will look like, while post-production could leave finishes scenes on the cutting room floor.

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Most of this is true for any movie, but we know quite a bit about how some of Pixar's films changed. Whether they are complete conceptual overhauls like Coco originally being a musical or something as small as a deleted scene, there's plenty of scenes and ideas that don't make it into the final cuts of Pixar movies. Check out the latest Screen Rant video at the top of this post for a whole list of Pixar (and Disney Animation) scenes, as we'll highlight two of them below.

Mr. Incredible Fakes Chopping Off His Fingers

One surprising scene that Pixar once considered to include in The Incredibles showed Bob Parr aka Mr. Incredible apparently sustain a major injury. During a barbecue sequence, Bob would be shown preparing and grilling some food for the event. But, when he takes his eyes off what he is doing, he accidentally sends the clever through his fingers - or so everyone thought. Bob's durability prevents the blade from actually going through his fingers, so he instead uses ketchup as fake blood. The scene would've come as a bit of a shock and was likely viewed as being too violent for The Incredibles to include, even though Bob only faked cutting off his fingers.

Car Graveyard in Cars

Another scene that didn't make it into the final cut, Cars at one time was going to involve Lightning McQueen stumbling into a car graveyard. The sequence happened when Lightning was lost and would be horrified with what he saw, broken down cars dead with plants and trees growing out of them. Making matters only worse for Lightning, he would get covered in parts of a decayed car as he tried to get out of the graveyard. Not only would the imagery of this scene likely have been too much for some kids to handle, but it also might have been too morbid for the Cars franchise to deal with. It's a good thing Pixar cut this scene, as well as the rest.

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