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Pixar has been making some of the finest animated movies since the release of their first film, Toy Story, in 1995. They've excelled with original and creative ideas that explore imaginative worlds and usually try to have a deeper meaning to them as well. Their hits heavily outweigh their misses and they show no signs of slowing down now that Pete Docter is running the show - following the dismissal of John Lasseter.

The studio has released twenty films so far and many can be argued as their best work, while many others still contend as personal favorites. Due to the love that most of these films have received and how iconic some have become, the interest in them has continued. Over the last few years, a popular theory has risen that every Pixar movie exists in the same universe - and now there's even the same thought about Disney's animated films. But, this giant theory is just one of many that Pixar fans have come up with.

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In the latest Screen Rant video, we take a look at 25 theories that change how fans look at Pixar movies. We've got all of their franchises covered, and some of them even attempt to connect different films to each other. Whether it may be Wall-E being an over-protected killer robot, who Jessie's original owner was, or that Boo's life changed dramatically after Monsters, Inc., there are plenty of wild theories to go around.

While the theories about individual films are fun, the ones that attempt to connect the different films are all the more interesting. Randall from Monsters, Inc. attempting to scare Andy is a fascinating one to consider, although it does raise the question of what the toys are doing during these encounters. Staying with the Monsters, Inc. theme, Bing Bong from Inside Out being a former monster would make some sense and could even mean that he could make a cameo in a future Monsters movie - or the upcoming Disney Plus series. But, one of the wilder ones is Boo becoming the time traveling and Easter egg-planting witch from Brave.

Many of these theories can all be tied to the larger Pixar universe theory, which as far fetched as it may sound, actually has plenty of evidence to back it up. The most complicated part about the theory is the complications that can rise with each new Pixar release. It'll only be a few months until Toy Story 4 hits theaters, and they've already announced their next movie after that is a Chris Pratt and Tom Holland-led fantasy adventure film Onward. Both of these films will surely spawn theories of their own, but they could also include new details that back up the Pixar theory, or make it (and some other theories) even more complicated. Regardless, these types of theories are only going to continue and should generate some fun discussions in the future.

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