Every Pixar Movie Role John Ratzenberger Has Played

Here is every single role actor John Ratzenberger has had in a Pixar movie. Over the last 20+ years of its existence, Pixar has delivered some of the biggest animated movies ever. The popularity of their brand has made it easy to recruit some notable names to their projects during this time, but they've also routinely had great casts.

Going back to Pixar's very first film Toy Story, the likes of Tom Hanks and Tim Allen joined the upstart animated studio and have stayed apart of the family ever since. They both recently reprised their roles as Woody and Buzz Lightyear, respectively, in Toy Story 4, marking their fourth appearances. However, neither of them holds the record for most Pixar appearances. That recognition instead goes to the studio's unofficial good luck charm, John Ratzenberger.

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Ratzenberger was part of the excellent voice cast featured in Toy Story as he made his debut as the piggy bank Hamm. He's made four appearances thanks to that franchise alone, but Ratzenberger went on to get way more involved. Over the last 24 years, Ratzenberger has had a role in every single Pixar movie. Some are more noticeable than others, but Pixar refuses to let him miss out on one of their films. Screen Rant's latest video takes a look at why Ratzenberger has made so many appearances, but since a few are tougher to spot, here's a list of all his Pixar roles.

John Ratzenberger Pixar Movie Roles SR

It's quite impressive that Ratzenberger has not yet missed out on a Pixar movie, but his attachment to their properties doesn't stop there. He reprised various roles in special shorts and video games over the years. Thanks to all of these appearances, his voice has become even more recognizable than it already was, so now most viewers can also spot his voice in these films. It helps that there is an expectation at this point that any Pixar project will include him too, and there's no indication that the studio or Ratzenberger plan to end this long-running partnership.

As of right now, Ratzenberger is reportedly set to return for Monsters at Work, the Monsters, Inc. spinoff TV show in the works for Disney+, and he could be back for the Forky-led series as well. Pixar has confirmed their two 2020 movies are Onward - a fantasy adventure led by Tom Holland and Chris Pratt - and Soul - an intergalactic story from Pete Docter - but Ratzenberger's involvement in either project has yet to be announced. Since the movies are still far out and his roles could be small, we may have to wait until we're in the theater to know for sure, but it would be shocking if Ratzenberger didn't appear in these two Pixar movies and any other ones to keep the streak alive.

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