15 Crazy Gender-Bending Pixar Redesigns

The internet can be a truly scary place. From dark fan theories explaining popular kids shows to some undeniably twisted fanfiction, there are a lot of dark corners on the web.

However, there are also happy places. There's well-written fanfiction, stories where popular franchises cross over, and a number of sites where brilliant artists share their incredible work.

More and more artists are finding inspiration and support from online communities, and as a result, we are getting some empowering creations. This seems to happen particularly often in the reimagining of popular characters in entertainment. Iconic heroes are envisioned as heroines, and vice versa.

With more well-rounded characters hitting the big screen, gender stereotypes are being shattered left and right. With impressive genderbending artwork online, those stereotypes are being left even further behind us, and it's pretty fun to see.

However, it's more than just fun. With so many remakes doing well, more studios are willing to revisit old stories – and these pieces of art could be just the twist they need,

Fans have reimagined characters in everything, from Game of Thrones to classic Disney characters. Now, a wave of gender swapped Pixar characters have hit the internet.

Here are 15 Crazy Gender-Bending Pixar Redesigns.

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15 Merida

It seems that with each passing year, Disney princesses are getting more and more empowering. Tiana started the trend in The Princess and the Frog, always working hard toward her dream. Next they gave us Tangled, where Rapunzel took her independence into her own hands.

Then, in 2012, Disney created Brave. Merida was one of the toughest princesses yet, a master in archery who shot for her own hand. She wasn't about to let the kingdoms' eligible but incompetent men compete over her like an object. Merida was fiercely independent, and with her bow would make a fearsome opponent in battle.

So, MabyMin imagined Merida as a male warrior, and he's just as intimidating. In this version, he's got the sheer muscle to back up the aim.

14 Miguel

After snagging Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song at the Oscars this year, Coco solidified itself in Pixar's successful ranks. The movie was admittedly darker than most, exploring the idea of death and the afterlife.

In the movie, Miguel is a young boy obsessed with music. He hopes to follow in his Great Great Grandfather's footsteps and become the next legendary singer and guitar player.

In the end, Miguel finally understands just how important family is after learning how his friend Hector was separated from his own daughter.

Perhaps the story would've carried even more weight for Miguel if he knew the bond of a father and daughter firsthand. So, ChicaAnime requested a version of Miguel as a young girl instead. Either way, Coco had a winning cast of characters.

13 Buzz Lightyear

Even someone who isn't a dedicated Disneyphile will recognize the words "To infinity and beyond!"

Buzz Lightyear's catchphrase has become iconic over the years, and will hopefully be heard again when Toy Story 4 finally hits theaters (though it is said to be focused on Woody and Bo Peep). The character himself was one of Tim Allen's best, hitting the perfect note of naive cockiness while still remaining sympathetic.

Even so, in a time where movies like Wonder Woman and Star Wars: The Last Jedi are propelling heroines into the spotlight, and quite successfully, imagining Toy Story's iconic space man as a space woman feels like a remake waiting to happen.

Luckily TheFearMaster, as they are known on DeviantArt, has a picture perfect poster already on hand, and it's pretty epic.

12 Mike Wazowski

Billy Crystal is known for voicing some pretty eccentric characters, and Mike Wazowski was no exception. He was very much a Type A personality, but always had Sully's back. That doesn't mean he was okay with being banished to the Himalayas, though. In fact, he was the exact opposite of okay.

However, in LillayFran's design on DeviantArt, Mike seems to thrive in colder temperatures. In this case, Mike is depicted as a young lady, who embraces the fur collar. It's a very different take on the character but she seems far less strung out, which is something that Mike definitely needed to be in his movies.

Monsters University showed what the college years looked like for Mike, but a Monster sorority is a funny notion. LillyFran also took a shot at designing a human Sully, which you can check out here.

11 Nemo

Disney and Pixar have only gone under the sea a handful of times, but it's been a successful handful. During the Disney Renaissance there was The Little Mermaid, and, despite some fans trying to forget, there was a sequel. Years later, Pixar dived in again with Finding Nemo. In this case, the sequel did much better.

Sure, Ariel is the only Disney character who sang about her desire to be something different. However, maybe she wasn't the only one who wanted to switch things up. At least, that's how it seems in Kayadoodle's design of Nemo. In this concept, Nemo is actually a mermaid, though she keeps her signature stripes.

Ariel did have a penchant for befriending fish, so it's entirely possible that she and Nemo would have been very close.

10 Incredibles

It's been ten years of waiting, but a sequel to The Incredibles is finally coming. According to Disney and Pixar, Incredibles 2 will put Elastigirl at the forefront, while Mr. Incredible takes on a dangerous and important mission: staying home with their youngest son, Jack Jack.

The danger? Jack Jack is discovering his powers, and there seem to be quite a few of them.

Helen Parr is already Mrs. Incredible by marriage, though she goes by Elastigirl in the world of supers. However, in this artist's rendering, it's Mr. Incredible who becomes Mrs. Incredible. Neal-Illustrator on DeviantArt even went the extra mile and genderbent the entire Parr/Incredible family.

Ironically, a genderbent Elastigirl is pretty similar to Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic. With the Disney/Fox merger, they technically would own the Fantastic Four again.

9 Disgust

It doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman, emotions can be overwhelming. Pixar took a shot at depicting this with Inside Out, and seemed to nail it on the head. Each emotion in Riley's head was lovable in his or her own way, but Disgust was particularly relatable.

Voiced by Mindy Kaling, Disgust kept things as real as possible, and always had a snide remark at the ready. Those comments may not have always had the best timing, but in the end, it was exactly what Disgust used to get Joy and Sadness back into HQ.

Hades was probably Disney's sassiest villain, but Disgust – even though she's not a villain – would give him a good run for his money, especially as Mewidua depicted her – or, in this case, him.

8 Sid

Toy Story's Sid is arguably one of Disney's most sadistic villains ever. In the movie, he gets his kicks by torturing toys. Fortunately, viewers get to see his karmic retribution in Toy Story 3 when Sid makes a brief cameo as a garbage collector.

He's likely just a few years older than Andy, as it seems his voice is just beginning to drop.

It's never made clear whether or not Sid is actually short for Sidney, but conveniently enough, that would be a name that works for both a boy and a girl.

In this artist's creation, the idea of the latter version comes to life, though aged up a bit. Rocking a crop top and short shorts, this Sid is somehow more and less threatening at the same time.

7 Lightning McQueen

There aren't many female race car drivers, at least in comparison to the men of the sport. As a rookie, Lightning McQueen was pretty cocky. When it came to women, he was even more unbearable-- winning over Sally was no small feat.

It's therefore interesting to imagine what he would've done when faced with a female competitor.

It's even more interesting to imagine Lightning McQueen himself as a female driver. For those having trouble, SparklinMii crated female versions of these characters for us, and it's pretty impressive.

 It was already satisfying to see McQueen not only winning the Piston Cup as a rookie, but also beating out the condescending Chick Hicks on top of it.

If Lightning McQueen had been female – and for that matter, human – Disney could've had an iconic sports heroine on their hands.

6 Woody

In the Pixar universe, the only cowgirl is Jessie. She wasn't introduced until Toy Story 2, but quickly became a beloved character. Thanks to Sarah McLachlan, Jessie's song "When She Loved Me" is one of the saddest ballads in the Disney repertoire.

What surprised most fans was that Jessie was not introduced as a love interest for Woody. A romance did eventually blossom with Buzz, but it was more of a background story. Instead, the story focused more on how Jessie was just another member of the gang, and that she could definitely hold her own.

Still, having two cowgirls in the gang is an intriguing concept. One artist illustrated a reimagined version of Woody, but it's definitely a bit more revealing than Disney would have gone for.

5 Sully

In the world of monsters, James P. Sullivan was about as manly as it gets. He was big, he was scary, and he had a huge heart. He was like a brother to Mike Wazowski, and basically a giant furry father figure for Boo. He had a natural instinct to take care of people, his time terrorizing kids before Boo notwithstanding.

Reimagined as a woman, like Pixiv did on Zerochan, Sully might've had an even stronger parental nature. Of course, in this version, Sully is a very young girl herself. Her hair is still the brightest blue, but the purple appears to be a jelly of some sort.

In Monsters University, Pixar explored the college years of Mike and Sully. With this artwork, it's easy to wonder what their even younger years might've been like – this time in anime format.

4 Ernesto De La Cruz

With the release of Coco, a new villain joined the Disney/Pixar dark side. Ernesto De La Cruz may not seem like the scariest tyrant in the bunch, but he does join the small club of Disney villains who actually ended someone's life.

Hailed as a legend, De La Cruz lived and died in the spotlight -- literally. He was killed after being crushed by a giant bell during a performance. However, as it turns out, Ernesto De La Cruz wasn't the icon that everyone believed him to be. In fact, he (spoilers) murdered his best friend Hector in order to steal his songs and continue gaining fame.

Still, some of Disney's best villains are women – Ursula, Maleficent, Evil Queen, for example – and SelineAbanto jumped on the opportunity to recreate De La Cruz as another villainess.

3 Randall Boggs

Of all the villain origin stories out there, Randall Boggs' story is one of the oddest, albeit common. Basically, he was just upset that his best friend Mike ditched him, then somehow became even more popular than Randall (he was part of ROR after all).

Perhaps the most unexpectedly shattering reveal came when it was shown that Randall's signature evil squint was actually just a result of him choosing not to wear his glasses so that he'd be more popular.

In a much cuter version of Randall, this Zerochan creator imagined the monster as a human girl. On top of that, the friendship with Mike Wazowski clearly blossomed, instead of being destroyed by college Greek life. There's fanfiction out there for almost anything, and this illustration would likely make a prime base.

2 Fear

Inside Out's Disgust was lovable for her snide comments. However, what made Fear endearing was how much he cared about Riley. Realistically, no emotion cared more than Joy, but Fear came pretty close. He wanted to keep Riley away from any and every scary thing, by any means necessary.

Fear's go-to outfit was a sweater vest and bow tie, which happens to be a gender neutral combination. As a result, it becomes even more fashionable when paired with a skirt, as Mewidua once again imagined.

For some audiences, the genders of each emotion were a point of contention – especially after seeing that Riley's mom had all female emotions, and vice versa for her dad. Odds are that making Fear a female character in Riley's brain wouldn't have changed the story all that much, but it is an entertaining concept.

1 Wall-E

Wall-E never really says anything throughout his movie, but he was still somehow one of the most lovable characters that Disney ever created. He was essentially the little trash compactor that could, hoping to make civilization livable for humans again.

What made his story so sad was Wall-E's isolation. However, then he found Eve. This is what made the movie most impressive-- Disney managed to write and make audiences care about a love story between two robots, of all things. Now, if Wall-E and Eve were human, the movie might've been even more heartbreaking than Up.

To make imagining that even easier, DarlingTenshi created a rendering of Wall-E not only as a human, but also as a young woman. She makes the garbage compacting gear almost fashionable, and shares an innocent with the original bot.


Do you know of any other amazing gender bendt Pixar designs that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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