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[Note: The end of this article was altered after publication by the writer.]

Infographics are the popular (and digestible) way to make statistics come to life, and this latest one (beautifully rendered by the good folks over at Know Your Money) is an infographic detailing the production budgets and earnings of all the Pixar animated movies that have been released to date.

From Toy Story 1 back in 1995 to Toy Story 3 (in theaters now), this infographic shows how much money went into making each Pixar hit and how much box office cash was ultimately returned on that investment.

One interesting note about the chart: because Know Your Money is based in the UK, the chart shows both the U.S. and UK box office earnings of each Pixar film, as well as the worldwide total box office gross. It's interesting to see how the films play in the U.S. as compared to the UK - there's a pretty notable difference between our two shores.

Anyway, onto the chart:


Pixar-Movies-Financial Earnings chart box office infographic

Truly, the only thing more astounding than how much it costs to make these movies is how much they earn at the box office.

Only $16 million for Cars over in the UK? Obviously that has something to do with the very-American obsession with hot rods and automobiles in general... Guess it's not all Universal love for Pixar projects...

Be sure to head over to Know Your Money to check out the full chart. It's a great bit of info presented in a pretty eye-catching way. Kudos to the makers.

Toy Story 3 is (clearly) earning bank in theaters everywhere right now.

Source: Know Your Money

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