25 Weird Pixar Fan Theories That Might Actually Be True

Fans are almost as imaginative as the movies Pixar makes as these 25 theories about them may be weird enough to be true. Pixar is now an animation powerhouse that delivers massive hits on almost a yearly basis. It all began in 1995 when Toy Story hit theaters and became an instant hit. Over the next two-plus decades, Pixar has continued to find success with the Toy Story franchise, but also with original, standalone films like UpWall-E, and Inside Out.

Thanks to the quality of most of these films, many of them have incredibly passionate fans; and as a whole, Pixar itself is widely loved and cherished for the stories it continues to tell. Because of this affection and the timeless quality of most of their movies, Pixar's films are watched over and over again by several generations. The continued attention is given to older movies and new releases, resulting in some pretty elaborate fan theories over the years.

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These theories are the subject of the latest Screen Rant video, which takes a look at 25 weird Pixar fan theories that could actually be true. One theory is so large that it claims every single Pixar movie exists in the same universe, but there are also others that concentrate on singular films and characters. We'll run through them all in the video featured at the top of this post, and then discuss a few of our favorites below.

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One of the most popular Pixar theories comes from Toy Story 2 and is tied to Jessie's backstory. The theory suggests that Andy's mom is Jessie's original owner, as the girl who had the cowgirl toy many years ago had an identical hat as Andy, which could be his mom's hat too. That theory has not and likely will not ever be confirmed, but it fits well with Toy Story canon and means that Jessie was reunited with her original owner in a way.

Some other fun theories pertain to how Monsters Inc. could tie together a few different Pixar films. Some people believe that Randall used to scare Andy as a child as his sky and clouds wallpaper was one Randall would practice blending in with. Another theory suggests that Bing-Bong from Inside Out wasn't originally an imaginary friend, but rather one of the monsters who was sent to Riley as a child to make her laugh. In this theory, Riley enjoyed Bing-Bong's company so much she would then imagine her with him at all times. With more Pixar movies and Disney+ TV shows on the way, we can't wait to see what other theories develop or if any of these are proven to be true.

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