20Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear as a Zombie

One of Pixar’s most recognizable characters is Buzz Lightyear. Buzz first appeared in Pixar’s first feature film called Toy Story, which also happened to be the first-ever movie to be completely computer-animated. The Space Ranger quickly became an iconic figure for Pixar due to Toy Story’s success, and Buzz even has

his own ride at Disney Land.

While Buzz is always seen as a hero in the Toy Story movies and shorts, the character could have looked very different if he would have been a villain. This fan art by Andre de Freitas reimagines Buzz as not only a villain, but a zombie. Sure, realistically, plastic characters probably wouldn’t be able to be transformed into zombies, but realistically toys don’t come to life when owners aren’t looking either… or do they?

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