Pixar Reveals Every Easter Egg In Their Short Films


Everyone loves Pixar movies and their many Easter Eggs, but now the magical animation house has released a video showcasing all the hidden things you might not have noticed in its animated shorts.

As far back as Toy Story in 1995, Pixar movies have been littered with little nods to a connected universe. Long before Black Mirror or the MCU were developing an expanded timeline where everything is connected, Pixar was doing it best. Also, while the aforementioned MCU has become famed for its post-credit scenes, Pixar movies have normally always been preceded by an animated short. But did you know that these also contained the studio's signature Easter Eggs hiding in plain sight?

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Posted on the studio's official YouTube, the three-minute video tracks shorts like Partysaurus Rex and Presto, Day and Night and Dante's Lunch and reveals how they are connected to the bigger Pixar picture. You can check it out below:

The infamous Pizza Planet truck obviously makes an appearance in Toy Story That Time Forgot, but there also early homages to the cast of Tin Toy and Knick Knack. With some of the shorts coming in the modern age of Pixar, it is great to see that the team isn't forgetting its early roots and what first made it famous. You have to admit, even the most eagle-eyed Pixar fan would struggle to spot all of these. Would you notice that Wall-E takes the wheel in Your Friend the Rat?


Interestingly, Pixar has actually been working on shorts since the late '80s, and it is arguably how the studio made a name for itself. The first ever short was The Adventures of André & Wally B. back in 1984, and since then, the other pint-sized features have usually found themselves attached to the big budget movies that get a theatrical release. A Bug's Life was the first movie to have a short before it, winning the 1997 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film for Geri's Game. Over the years, Pixar has won four golden statues for its animated shorts and been nominated many more times.


Sadly, while latest movie Coco skipped the short in favor of a Frozen holiday featurette, there are still 19 official shorts to Pixar's name, various series, and even TV specials. From the infamous Luxo Jr. to the extended Toy Story of Terror!, just because these animations may be a little shorter than the feature film which have made Pixar so popular, doesn't mean they aren't part of the PCU (Pixar Cinematic Universe).

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